When to use ACETIC ACID in our daily life

Child does not want its head touched. Inflammation of bowels in dentition. Children thirsty, but swallow with some difficulty, even a teaspoonful of water. One cheek red, the other pale. Weak sight. Liver complaint. Scorbutic ulcers ; toothache. Glands under tongue and lower jaw swollen, sore to touch. Vomits after every kind of food. Hiccough and fetid belching. Belching > pain in abdomen. Hot eructations, heat in stomach.

Dropsies, midway between Arsenic and Apis, distinguished from both in the characteristic thirst, and the predominance of the gastric symptoms. Dropsies about lower limbs and abdomen with waxen emaciated, alabaster skin and great debility.

Diabetes: Face pale, waxen, emaciated. When the patient is passing large quantities of pale urine accompanied by intense thirst, dry, hot skin and great debility. Intense thirst. Thirsty with dry lips, which peel off in flakes.

Dose.12,30,100C and higher.


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(Potency 12C)
(Potency 100C)
(Potency 10M)


Intolerance of milk, in nursing children, it is forcibly ejected almost as soon as swallowed, then weakness causes drowsiness. Violence violent vomiting, violent convulsions, violent pains, violent delirium). There is great weakness of mind or body. Inability to think or fix the attention (students). It awakens hungry, eats, and vomits again. Hungry after vomiting.

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