When to use ACONITUM NAPELLUS in our daily life


Mental distress is invariably present in aconite complaints.

Unquenchable thirst for cold water; large drinks at long intervals, or drinks little and often.

Painful parts are violently congested, hot and swollen, trouble brought on by exposure to dry, cold winds ; there is tingling, with numb sensations which drives the patient to despair. Pains worse at night.

Shooting pains all over abdomen, which is very tender to touch; beginning of inflammatory processes.

In dysentery; stool frequent scanty with tenesmus; especially in autumn, when days are warm and nights cold. Diarrhea of inflammatory origin from cold drinks or checked perspiration; stools watery, slimy and bloody.

Suppression of the menses when it occurs in plethoric patients from fear or fright or after exposure to cold.

Sthenic fevers, with chilliness on the slightest movement; dry heat of skin, thirst, red cheeks, quickened respiration ; scanty urine and constipation ; full, bounding, rapid, tense pulse, mental anxiety and aggravation towards evening. Every motion makes the patient chilly; he is at the same time very restless from the mental anxiety.

There is terrible anguish and fear of death; the patient even predicts the day of his death; with extreme restlessness and tossing about. The symptoms are worse in the evening and at night; come on suddenly and violently. Complaints brought on by exposure to dry, cold winds, or from a sudden checking of perspiration. Hard, full, frequent pulse.


Dose.15 and higher.

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(Potency 15C)
(Potency 30C)
(Potency 30C)

FEAR, of death, of crowds, of going out, etc. ; always fearful chronic effects of fright.
Complaints from exposure to dry, cold air.
Congestions and inflammations ; acute ; first stage ; with great anxiety, unbearable pain ; heat and restlessness ; tosses about in agony ; throws off covering.
Pains insupportable, < at night, especially evening ; neuralgia.
Face red and flushed, but turns pale on rising, one cheek red.
Favorite locality ; larynx (croup), bronchi, lungs, pleura, joints, heat and circulation.
Modalities, < in the evening (pains and chest symptoms), lying on left side ; in warm room or warm covering ; > uncovering ; kicks or throws off clothes.
The remote effect of exposure to dry, cold air does not exclude the consideration of the remedy even though a severe croup, pneumonia, pleurisy or rheumatism did not follow at the time. If they had, the acute well known Aconite symptoms would have been present, and Aconite administered then and there would have done the work.

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