Regimen Of The Sick more

Cheerful Methods Of Life

  HOMEOPATHY IS ALL ABOUT FINDING THE MOST SIMILAR REMEDY A large and healthy population is the life and strength of a nation, and the source of its success in science, art, agriculture and commerce sapere aude - the fool waits for the stream to stop before crossing it, but the wise more

Why Children Get Ill So Easily?

When a baby is born the new state of existence is by no means an agreeable one; as the child , by its loud cries, will generally try to prove. Nor is this surprising,when we consider that an abrupt transition has been made from a state of umconscious repose, more

Like Should Be Cured With Like..

What's healthy?We've all been told about the dangers of being too fat or too thin, but how do you tell if your size is putting your health at risk or how much you should really weigh? We look at some of the best ways of assessing whether it's time more

Samuel Hahnemann

    SAMUEL HAHNEMANN   (1755-1843)   Born in Germany in 1755, he earned his   medical diploma in 1779.   In 1782, he   married Henriette Kuchler with whom he   had eleven children.   Starting in 1784, once he had   interrupted his medical career to devote   himself to pharmacological research.   He   translated a number of scientific works,   treatises on therapy, etc....   He did not return more

Health Tips

HEALTH TipsEat fruits for breakfast - Eating fruits gives nutrition without that heavy, oily, greasy feeling that bothers you even before your day starts. If you are pregnant you should have at least four checkups by your obstetrician before your delivery - first between the 20th and 22nd week, second more


Homeopathy is the world's second leading system of medicine for primary health care. Homeopathy is emerging as the first and preferred treatment for more and more people around the world. Homeopathic and allopathic treatments can co-exist. Homeopathic medicines can be consumed as you gradually wean away from Allopathic drugs. Homeopathic remedies more


Diabetes Patient age 47 years Male Businessman Suffering from hypertension, angina pectoris, joint pain and diabetes for 11-12 years. Used allopahic/ayurvedic/unani and domestic medicines. Symptoms Headache better on rest, <from noise /motion/ jar . Scalp feel sore to touch difficult to comb the hair. Toothache from cold water uses warm water to rinse mouth when brushing the more


ALCOHOLISM Nux vomica  Alcohol does not really help us with sleep, in fact it disturbs our sleep pattern in the long run. If you are taking it for fixing your sleeping problem please stay away from it. It is your addicted brain making you find excuses to drink. Morning vomiting, trembling of hands, more

Rejuvenate Yourself

Rejuvenate yourself Ambra Grisea Middle aged look old. Weakened by overwork. Anemic and sleepless. Impairment of all functions. Weakness, coldness, numbness of single parts (fingers, arms, ..). One-sided complaints. Forgetfulness. Magnesia Phosphorica Elderly persons suffering from painful ailments. Tired, languid, exhausted. Indisposition to mental work. Insomnia due to indigestion. Prematurely old. more

Imp Notes

Preeti Gupta Psoriasis (palms) Anac. is suited to affections of the palms of the hands. There are warts even on the palms. "Quis? Quid? Ubi? Quibus auxiliis? Cur? Quomodo? Quando?" The Life and Letters of Dr more

What Is Homœopathy?

What is Homœopathy ? Homœopathy is the science of therapeutics-based upon Nature's law of cure-Similia Similibus Curantur.* Homœopathy is derived from two Greek words ο'μοιος = like, similar and πα'θος = suffering -meaning similar affections The question as to whether Curentur or Curantur should be employed remains as yet an open one. more


NEWS Making the Case for a Real Cure: The Power of Homeopathy by JAcosta With every new product, every modern corporate innovation we are moved, in turn, to a new “want.” And, given the fact that we are as driven by our impatience as by our desperation to acquire, we more

Homoeopathy Never Fails

HOMOEOPATHY never fails, Homoeopath may fail Homeopathy (also spelled Homoeopathy or Homœopathy) is a form therapeutics, invented by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, that treats patients with drug potencies which cause effects similar to the symptoms presented. Hahnemann observed from his experiments with cinchona bark, used as a treatment for malaria, more

Presenting 55 Facts About Homeopathy    Presenting 55 Facts About Homeopathy -- Louise Mclean, LCCH MHMA How Homeopathy Works FACT 1: Hippocrates ‘The Father of Medicine’ of Ancient Greece said there were two Laws of Healing: The Law of Opposites and the Law of Similars. Homeopathy treats the patient with medicines using the Law of Similars, while orthodox more

Homeopathy Comes Under Attack Homeopathy comes under attack 30 Aug, 2009environment, political Below is an email that I sent to a group called Voices of Young Science, who wish to discredit and essentially destroy the art of homeopathy. I strongly encourage others to send an email to those responsible for this misinformation. Also, here more

Locomoco Explains What Symptom Means..

‘LoCoMoCo’ A complete symptom has four aspects: Location: the part of the body affected. Complaint: (Sensation/Description): how the problem feels subjectively and/or looks objectively. Modalities: what makes the complaint better or worse. Concomitants: associated complaints, e.g., with the menses there is headache and dizziness. Other Related Articles..{loadposition most_r_mod} The Bönninghausen Hexameter Who? (the patient: sex, age) What? (the complaints) Where? more

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann

Christian Friedrich Samuel HAHNEMANN  (1755-1843, Germany, France) Born:    10 April 1755   Died:   2 July 1843 Born in Germany in 1755, he earned his medical diploma in 1779.  In 1782, he married Henriette Kuchler with whom he had eleven children. Starting in 1784, once he had interrupted his medical career to devote himself more

Cysts, Symptoms And Treatments

Cysts, Symptoms and Treatments   Upas tieuté Small pustule on the right lower lid increases in size, becomes hard, and resembles a cyst (thirty-seventh day). Triticum repens Chronic cystic irritability. Staphisagria Tarsal cysts(Ferrum pyrophos). Silicea terra Vaginal cysts. [Lyc.; Puls.; Rhod.] Boils and cystic tumors around eyes and lids. Serous cysts of vagina. Menses are associated with icy coldness over whole more

Cancer, Symptoms And Treatments

Cancer, Symptoms and Treatments Aether Cancerous tumor. Alumen Cancer of the rectum. Severe pains in the anus and rectum, appearing several minutes after stool; stinging and tearing up the rectum, relieved by bending forward and sitting bent forward; particularly worse when lying on the side;not so much when lying on the back; burning more

Diabetes, Symptoms And Treatments

Diabetes, Symptoms and Treatments Aceticum acidum Urine increased in quantity; pale; phosphatic; diabetes, with intense, burning, unending and unquenchable thirst and great debility. Allium sativum Chronic dyspepsia in old, fleshy persons, whose bowels were deranged by the least irregularity of diet; chronic bronchial catarrh with profuse mucous expectoration; periodical asthma; rheumatism more

Fibroids, Symptoms And Treatments

Fibroids, Symptoms and Treatments Arsenicum iodatum Fibroid degeneration of the heart and arteries. CONVALLARIA MAJALIS The heart's action is weak, exercise causing a fluttering sensation which will continue but a short time, when the heart will appear to stop beating and then start suddenly, causing a faint feeling. The pulse is intermittent, but more

Glaucoma, Symptoms And Treatments

Glaucoma, Symptoms and Treatments Areca catechu Serviceable in glaucoma. Belladonna Severe pains of glaucoma. Bryonia alba Glaucoma. Eyeball feels full, as if pressed out, with sharp shooting pains in eye and head, agg at night. Cedron Glaucoma. Severe ciliary neuralgia, distinctly periodical. Glaucoma. Iritis. Choroiditis. Cocainum hydrochloricum Glaucoma, increased tension, decreased corneal sensibility. Cocculus indicus Rheumatic glaucoma, more

Creatinine And Renal Failure (your Kidneys), Cystatin C

Uraemia Creatinine and renal failure (your kidneys), Cystatin C Warning signs of kidney disease may include: Swelling or puffiness, particularly around the eyes or in the face, wrists, abdomen, thighs, or ankles Urine that is foamy, bloody, or coffee-colored A decrease in the amount of urine Problems urinating, such as a burning feeling or abnormal more

Tinnitus Symptoms And Treatments, Homeopathy

TINNITUS Aconitum cammarum- There is headache agg. by bending body forward; and faceache accompanied by tinnitus aurium and vertigo. Baryta muriatica- Tinnitus. Causticum - Accumulations of mucus in larynx and fauces; catarrh of throat and Eustachian tubes with tinnitus and reverberation. Cedron - Tinnitus. Chenopodium anthelminticum - Tinnitus. Roaring tinnitus synchronous more

Diabetes And Urine Leakage (incontinence)

Diabetes and urine Leakage (incontinence) Men and women (common in older women, but that doesn't mean it's a natural part of aging) of all ages have bladder control problems. It is a common belief that bladder control problems are something that happens when you get older; truth is that men/women more

Itching, Anal

ITCHING, Anal Pruritus ani (anal itching) is intolerable urge sometimes difficult to ignore and is embarrassing but you just can’t help it. It is a general problem but is most common in people who have diabetes mellitus or HIV. It is usually a temporary problem but it can be persistent more

Why Is Cancer Incurable ?

‘The physician's high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed. The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and more

Useful Symptoms

Cicuta Virosa : Immediately after commencing to eat: feels satisfied. Soon after a meal-great more

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