Homoeopathic Immunization

GIVES YOUR CHILD ADDITIONAL PROTECTION Vaccine Schedule Medicine Dose   Against tuberculosis Birth – 2 weeks Tuberculinum 1M 1 drop in a spoon of water.   Against Polio Birth 6,10,14 weeks, 15-18 months, more

Where's My Food Plan?

That's the question every health sensitive person should ask to himself.It's not that they're starving. Most are taking in lots of calories and nutrients -- but it's in the form of energy bars, nutrient-enhanced drinks, and fortified packaged foods. The problem is, "real" foods -- fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean more

Heel Pain..

Severe pain in the soles of feetIn advancing age (obese) people complain of severe pain in the (one or both) soles of feet.  Also, there may be a feeling of warmth or cold (tingling, burning, or numbness) in the affected area. The pain may increase as the day advances more

All About Vitamins..

This page contains basic information. If you are concerned about your health, you should consult a doctor. VitaminsVitamins and minerals have been used for thousands of years. They are indispensable for normal body function and health maintenance. We cannot possibly ingest all the vitamins and more

Caring Your Teeth

Caring Your Teeth Brush your teeth with ‘CALCAREA FLUORICA6x’ powder using soft brush in the morning and at bed time. Take ‘FRAGARIA VESCA-Q’ 1 drop in ½ cup water AND “Five Phos-3x” 4tabs twice daily after meals. Use plenty of fresh fruits and green more

Cholera Prevention

[“Zimbabwe is currently plagued by wide scale social and economic destabilization and a cholera epidemic that has claimed more than 3 800 people. More than 85 000 are also infected with the disease.” Read more..] The information given below may be helpful to our brothers and sisters of Zimbabwe. more

Homoeopathy And Migraine

Homoeopathy safer and superior medicine Migraine(Use ‘KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM6x’ 4tabs night and morning and consult your Homoeopathic Doctor to get rid of this painful disease. It is curable.)Migraine is associated with chemical changes in the brain. Migraine, a debilitating condition characterized by severe headaches and a more

Diet In Rheumatic Diseases

Your diet in Rheumatic diseases  There are as much as 100 types of known types of arthritis, rheumatic diseases and related conditions. Arthritis, rheumatic diseases and related conditions can be perfactly avoided by taking some precautions and homeopathic medicines.In non-specific terms the Rheumatism or rheumatic disorder is reffered more

Defeat Hot Weather

DEFEAT HOT WEATHER For effects of cold or iced drinks when heated mix ‘Bellis Perennis-Q’ 1 drop per liter in the water bottles in your fridge.   Hot weather is a boon for the poor (our farmers work in open sun for long periods) but more

Aconitum Napellus In Toothache

ACONITUM NAPELLUS IN TOOTHACHE For children , women and sensitive nervous persons. Toothache in eye and stomach-teeth.  One sided ( Left side ). Gums swollen. Beating or pulsating pain. Blunt, or without feeling.  Piercing, pressing as if from congestion of blood, as if the teeth were too close. Pain is worse in more

Allium Cepa & Antimonium Crudum. In Toothache

ALLIUM CEPA   Onions, one of the oldest vegetables, are found in a large number of recipes and preparations . Confusion. Fears she will become distracted, from pain in the suppurations on the fingers. Very melancholy. Dulness, pressure, fulness, heaviness in the head most in occiput, worse evenings, better in the open air, more

Bryonia (toothache)

BRYONIA Very irritable, inclined to be angry. Sensation in bed as if be were sinking deep down. Headache from ironing, or from washing the perspiring face in cold water. Parched and dry lips, likes to moisten them often, mouth dry and thirsty for cold water. Delirium about his business, worse at night, more

Quit Smoking

QUIT SMOKING There is a lag of several years between when people start using tobacco and when their health suffers and this is the major cause why it is difficult to convince our youth about smoking hazards. It is our prime duty to help those who wish to quit. If you want more

Treatments For Tinnitus

treatments for tinnitus see What You Should Know about Tinnitus What is Tinnitus? Before you can understand what tinnitus could mean in your life, you need to know what it is. The condition of tinnitus (pronounced "tin-it-tus") is an unusual or abnormal noise in the ear. Tinnitus is not an more

Aconite (our Teeth)

Aconitum napellus  Localities. - Eye and stomach-teeth.   One sided.   Left side.    Gums swollen.  Character of Pains and Sensations. - Beating or pulsating.  Blunt, or without feeling.   Piercing.   Pressing.  Pressing, as if from congestion of blood, as if the teeth were too close.  Time. - Night, worse in.  Every spring.  In winter.  Causation. - Wind.   Wind, keen, cutting.   Taking cold.  Persons and Temperament. - For children.   For women.   For sensitive nervous persons.  Conditions of Aggravations. more

Sore Throat

SORE THROAT Ammonium causticum Aphonia, with burning rawness in the throat. Baptisia Solids cause gagging ; excessive putridity, ulcerations with an excessively offensive odor from the mouth and throat. Belladonna Great dryness and bright redness of the throat, the fauces are inflamed, the tonsils are swollen and enlarged, worse on the right side ; food more


BACKACHE Aesculus Backache during pregnancy where the pain is in the sacro-iliac synchondroses, and that part of the back gives out, compelling her to sit. Calcarea fluorica Backache simulating spinal irritation ; pain in the lower part of the back with a fulness or burning pain. Lumbago worse on beginning to move, and relieved more

Common Remedies Of The Common Cold

COMMON REMEDIES OF THE COMMON COLD   Camphor A person has been chilled cannot get warm now you want to cure her/him in the cold stage and you want to prevent the case going into 'catarrhal symptoms' here a a dose or two of Camphor Q will make her/him warm and prevet unnecessary suffering.   Aconite EARLY more

The Common Influenza Remedies

THE COMMON INFLUENZA REMEDIES ACONITE causation                  weather - cold, dry                 bitter winds ( opposite to GELSEMIUM) Onset - sudden , of fever             with chilliness pulse - throbbing great         restlessness         anxiety. GELSEMIUM Body & limbs                     Heaviness -                                     head heavy                                     eyelids heavy                                     limbs heavy                     tiredness Weather              cold/fevers  of mild winter  ( opposite to Aconite) Chills more

Swine Flu And Homoeopathy

Get useful information on Twitter   AT A time when swine flu has been the subject of much 'Breaking News' all over, we, being the literate and responsible Indians should be ultra-careful to tackle the issue. Very few among us know that the long-term remedy is available in India. The more


Fatigue In household daily work we find bad effects of and troubles resulting from overwork both mental and physical, here are some useful remedies which my be helpful and should be there in our home kit. AETHUSA CYNAPIUM -  Distracted and incapable of mental exertion from much mental work more

The Common Influenza Remedies (02)

THE COMMON INFLUENZA REMEDIES (02) Drugs produce peculiar symptoms. Where these agree in drug and patient, the ailment is cancelled, and health results. This is most strikingly seen in acute and uncomplicated sickness. When you give to a patient a remedy that can produce his symptoms, it must be given in more

Acids In Our Daily Life

FLUORIC ACID It is the acid combination of Hydrogen and Fluorine ; it is very excoriating and is kept in rubber bottles, since it eats glass. It acts principally on the bones and skin ; it also has some effect on the glands. It produces also a state of venous congestion and varicosis. It is more

Homeopathic Iron

Homeopathic IRON   FERRUM METALLICUM. Ferrum produces a false plethora ; an irregular distribution of blood, with headache, nosebleed, dyspnœa, neuralgia, etc. Its action is to dilate the blood-vessels. Characteristics Anæmia with plethora. Vomiting of food. Chill with red face and thirst. Flushed face. Coldness of the body. Undigested diarrhœa, worse from eating. Anæmia When the patient has an appearance of full bloodedness more


Cholesterol One should try to lower LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol to achieve a LDL HDL ratio below 3 OR the goal should be to keep the HDL/LDL ratio above 0.3, with the ideal HDL/LDL ratio being above 0.4. Note:Recent Heart Foundation recommendation is that irrespective of the ratio, more


Pain after stretches.  Catheter Fever. Give Aconite-1m before passing a catheter. Staphisagria-1m or higher for pain after stretches. Clematis: Urine flows by fits and starts. Has to wait for long time before flow of urine starts.,, Urine turbid and diminished. Difficult to empty the bladder completely. Tingling in urethra lasting some time after urinating. Frequent, scanty urination; burning at orifice. more

Insect Bites

What if you get stung by an insect? In our daily life we face insect bites occasionally. It is troublesome if a child is stung or if the person is allergic. If a person is stung by an insect on the throat, particularly if there is a known sensitivity to stings, more

Nose Bleed

Nose bleed Aconite : Bright red, with great anxiety and fever. Phosphorus The hemorrhagic diathesis ; the blood does not coagulate ; hemoptysis and hematemesis. Secale Passive, painless flow of dark liquid blood, the patient is wrinkled and scrawny, is often unconscious and cold, hemorrhages preceded by formication and tingling. Slightest motion aggravates flow. more

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