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CATARACT Colchicum Cataracts. From general perversion of health. Causticum For rapidly forming capsular cataracts. In the cataracts of young persons. Blepharitis, ameliorated in fresh air; tumor and warts on lids and brows; scrofulous ophthalmia, with corrosive lachrymation and shooting pains extending up into the head, worse evening and at night, with a green halo...read more

Regimen Of The Sick

...read more

A Friend To Young Ladies..

Cundurango a friend to young ladiesTumors of the breast are very common these days; Cundurango30 is very helpful in aborting the trouble. It also removes tendency towards cancer.Aletris FarinosaGives you energy and vigor it also regulates menstrual difficulties. If you are obese have constipation, there is some skin trouble,...read more

Aconitum Napellus (monkshood) - Part Two

Complaints from very hot weather-- your child goes out (these days some parts in India and abroad are facing high temperature in the day time – family members have to go out and work – general public cannot afford to sit in air-conditioned apartments – exposure to sun heat and...read more

Planning A Baby (call Of Giving Natural Birth To Today's Women - Read "do It Naturally")

A large and healthy population is the life and strength of a nation, and the source of its success in science, art, agriculture and commerce. Diet in pregnancy Diet in pregnancy should be simple, light, nutritious and adapted to the requirements of the individual and the condition of the digestive system. Avoid highly...read more

Homoeopathic Immunization

GIVES YOUR CHILD ADDITIONAL PROTECTION Vaccine Schedule Medicine Dose   Against tuberculosis Birth – 2 weeks Tuberculinum 1M 1 drop in a spoon of water.   Against Polio Birth 6,10,14 weeks, 15-18 months, 5...read more

Remove Glasses! Improve Vision!

Remove glasses! Improve vision!   Does your baby use glasses? Does your baby find difficulty in reading the matter written on the black board in the class? Medicines helpful to improve vision and remove glasses! Euphrasia-Q Carduus Marianus-Q Ceanothus Americanus-Q Chelidonium-Q Take a spoon of water – put 1 drop of each medicine in...read more

Urinary Tract Infections

‘Urinary tract infections’ Children are very sensitive when they get infection and bacteria grow in the child's urinary organs (body parts that carry urine) it affects child's bladder, kidneys and ureters.In Homoeopathy Urinary tract infections are easy to treat, but mostly it is hard to spot them and...read more

Fight Out Arthritis

Arthritis Take ‘THUJA OCCIDENTALIS-30’ 1 drop in ½ cup water once every week; “GUAIACUM-Q” 1drop in ½ cup water twice daily after meals. Arthritis is a very common medical condition. However, it is not a single disease, but comes in around 200 different forms. ...read more

Cheerful Methods Of Life

  HOMEOPATHY IS ALL ABOUT FINDING THE MOST SIMILAR REMEDY A large and healthy population is the life and strength of a nation, and the source of its success in science, art, agriculture and commerce sapere aude - the fool waits for the stream to stop before crossing it, but the wise man...read more


Hemorrhoids (PILES) CURE YOURSELF WITH MEDICINE , AVOID PAINFUL PROCEDURES OF SURGERY Homoeopathy as the general rule; allopathy as a last resort   Increased straining during bowel movements may lead to hemorrhoids. It is a common condition. Hypertension, particularly portal hypertension, may also cause hemorrhoids. Obesity can be a factor by increasing rectal vein pressure. Sitting...read more

Aconitum Napellus (monkshood)

Aconite grows on the higher Alps of Central Europe, in damp, shady fields, along brooks and streams. We make our mother tincture from the entire plant, except the root, gathered at the time of flowering. It affects the sensory nerves, causing tingling, followed by numbness. It accelerates the heart's action,...read more

Hydrastis Canadensis

HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS Hydrastis Canadensis grows in the United States, from New York to Minnesota and southward, its common name is Golden Seal. Mother tincture is prepared from the fresh root, gathered as the plant is budding to blossom or in the fall. It has the property of contracting the...read more


The ripe seeds are used in making the mother tincture. It seems to act chiefly on the genito-urinary organs, prostate gland especially, and corresponds to many conditions proceeding from abnormal states in this region. The results of suppressed anger, peevishness and hyper-sensitiveness. Mind dwelling on sexual subjects...read more

Heel Pain..

Severe pain in the soles of feetIn advancing age (obese) people complain of severe pain in the (one or both) soles of feet.  Also, there may be a feeling of warmth or cold (tingling, burning, or numbness) in the affected area. The pain may increase as the day advances and...read more


Homoeopathy safer & superior medicineYour child is frequently / always suffering from a cold. The cough shoots up in minutes and it is not mild. Baby is totally fine and all of a sudden will be sreveely coughing. Child slept normally wakes up with a very sore and non-stop cough...read more


"Homoeopathy ......heals a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical."...... Mahatma Gandhi "Things in nature are words and color in form; a language which expresses itself to those who can read". Constantine Hering Leprosy is an infectious disease that has...read more

Read Homoeopathy Books..

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A group of inflammatory skin disorders that make the skin dry, itchy, flaky, red and sore are known as eczema sometimes in severe forms the skin can become broken and weep or bleed. People of every age may be affected. The main symptom is itch. This can be so severe...read more

Rashes And Hives

RASHES and HIVES (Urticaria, neetle-rash) A localized or widespread eruption of wheals (of variable size and shape), preceded and accompanied by itching (may be severe). Individual wheal may fade after few minutes and seldom persists longer than few hours. Therefore when your doctor wants to examine...read more

Cholera Prevention

[“Zimbabwe is currently plagued by wide scale social and economic destabilization and a cholera epidemic that has claimed more than 3 800 people. More than 85 000 are also infected with the disease.” Read more..] The information given below may be helpful to our brothers and sisters of Zimbabwe. Try...read more

Homoeopathy And Migraine

Homoeopathy safer and superior medicine Migraine(Use ‘KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM6x’ 4tabs night and morning and consult your Homoeopathic Doctor to get rid of this painful disease. It is curable.)Migraine is associated with chemical changes in the brain. Migraine, a debilitating condition characterized by severe headaches and a range...read more


Hepatitis-B (Homeopathy may prevent you from serious and very painful surgical procedures, restores your normal health, maintains your blood pressure normal, cures your diabetes / asthma / rheumatism / cholelithiasis-gall stones / kidney stones……saving your precious money as well as time, prevents you from poisonous side...read more

Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase [sgpt]

Serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase [SGPT] [Alanine aminotransferase (ALT)] Serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase (SGPT) is an enzyme. It is normally present in liver and heart cells. It is released into blood when the liver is damaged. It is released into blood when the heart is damaged. Therefore ...read more


INTERNAL MEDICINE (ASTHMA) NEBULIZER - Device used to deliver liquid medication in the form of a fine mist is called nebulizer. Patient inhales the medication while breathing normally through a mouthpiece or face mask. ASTHMA (Breathlessness) Asthma is an allergic disorder characterised by breathlessness, which is the result of a spasmodic narrowing of the respiratory passages. In...read more

All About Pregnancy

Call of giving natural birth to today's women How to become pregnant easily? When to conceive? Best time to conceive. Normally menstrual cycle is of 28 - 30 days. Ovulation (release of egg from ovaries) in women occurs between days 12 - 14. ...read more

Varicose Veins

VARICOSE VEINS Our lifestyle has changed a great deal. We all are in haste; we don't like to walk a few meters to purchase household goods instead we use scooter/motorbikes/cars/rickshaws or other means. All the family members even children don't go to parks or outdoor playing they sit long time watching TV and...read more

Kidney Stones

Kidney stoneKidney stone (called renal calculi) is a hard mineral and crystalline material formed within the kidney or urinary tract, are a common cause of blood in the urine and pain in the abdomen, flank, or groin. The condition is termed nephrolithiasis or urolithiasis.They form when there is a decrease...read more

Frequent Attacks Of Acute Cold

FREQUENT ATTACKS OF ACUTE COLD (RECURRENT RHINO-SINUSITIS)   Treatment: ALLIUM CEPA-30 Take ½ cup of water put 1 drop of the above medicine in it and drink it slowly. Take the dose twice daily (morning and evening).      PSORINUM-30. ...read more


CANTHARIS. It is the Spanish fly, and the tincture is made of one part of dried Spanish flies and five parts of alcohol. Triturations are made of the powdered insect. General action of Cantharis  Its special field of action is the mucous membrane of the genito-urinary tract, producing violent inflammation throughout this system ; it also affects...read more

My Baby

MY BABY My baby is now just ………days/months old, he/she has got rashes on his/her face, neck ... I am using ……… lotion/soap/cream/oil ………… but there is no improvement instead it is getting severe and is spreading all over the body. I am worried about this. Please suggest ………...read more

Heart - Congenital Defect

Heart - Congenital Defect My son/daughter/sister… is ……. years old and he/she has a congenital heart defect the hole in the heart was closed some time ago and he/she was doing ok but now…………….   We come across such queries these days very frequently. Such patients...read more


THYROIDPatients suffering from thyroid dysfunctions Patients may take following medicines with the permission of their doctor   Medicines Take 50ml of well boiled water (it should be at body temperature or lukewarm) and put few drops (as indicated against each) each of the following in it...read more

Blood Clots In Eye

BLOOD CLOTS IN EYE (SUBCUNJUNCTIVAL HAEMORRHAGE) Causes:  Injury, Hypertension, Straining at stool, Coughing and sneezing, Blood disorders. Treatment: ARNICA MONTANA-Q LEDUM PALUSTRE-Q Take ½ cup of water put 1 drop each of the above two medicines in it and drink it slowly. Take the dose twice daily...read more

Vaginal Discharge (leucorrhoea)

VAGINAL DISCHARGE (LEUCORRHOEA) Leucorrhoea (whites) is a whitish discharge from the female genitals. It is an abnormal condition of the female reproductive organs. If not treated properly in the initial stages, it may cause great weakness and grave complications. Secretions from the uterus and upper part of the vagina flow down...read more

Abies Canadensis

When to use ABIES CANADENSIS in our daily life There is a dry mouth, a gnawing or burning in the stomach, a hungry, faint, weak feeling with craving for indigestible or unsuitable articles of food(Great appetite, craving for meat, pickles, radishes, turnips, artichokes, coarse food), and tendency to over...read more

Abies Nigra

When to use ABIES NIGRA in our daily life A sensation as if the patient had swallowed some indigestible substance [when this symptom is present, whether in dyspepsia, lung disease (when the sensation is as if there was a hard substance to be coughed up) with or without hæmoptysis, constipation,...read more

Acalypha Indica

When to use ACALYPHA INDICA in our daily life Hæmorrhages having a morning aggravation (rectal hæmorrhage, chest hæmorrhage). Dry cough, followed by spitting of blood, which is pure in the morning, but dark, lumpy and clotted in the evening, with a constricted feeling around the chest. Early stages of...read more

Acetic Acid

When to use ACETIC ACID in our daily life Child does not want its head touched. Inflammation of bowels in dentition. Children thirsty, but swallow with some difficulty, even a teaspoonful of water. One cheek red, the other pale. Weak sight. Liver complaint. Scorbutic ulcers ; toothache. Glands under...read more

Aconitum Napellus

When to use ACONITUM NAPELLUS in our daily life   Mental distress is invariably present in aconite complaints. Unquenchable thirst for cold water; large drinks at long intervals, or drinks little and often. Painful parts are violently congested, hot and swollen, trouble brought on by exposure...read more

Adonis Vernalis

Domestic Physician ‘ADONIS VERNALIS’ In increases arterial tension, regulates the heart beasts by lessening the frequency of the pulse and increasing the force of the cardiac contraction.   Rapid and feeble action of the heart (after rheumatism or influenza, or bright's disease; muscles of the heart are in...read more

Aesculus Hippocastanum

AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM   Buy Aesculus Hippocastanum Here (Potency 30C) Slowness (digestion, heart, bowels-constipation) stasis (venous – varicose veins) congestion (liver, portal system). Feeling full of small sticks in rectum (swelling obstructing the passage also in throat)...read more

Aethusa Cynapium

AETHUSA CYNAPIUM Intolerance of milk in babies, vomiting (exhausts causing deep sleep) as soon as swallowed or in large curds, the baby is hungry after vomiting. Onset is violent and exhausts the patient.   In fever there is great heat but no thirst, must be covered during sweat.   ...read more

Agaricus Muscarius

AGARICUS MUSCARIUS Tubercular Diathesis. Gradual onset. Jerking , twitching(ceases during sleep), trembling, and itching. Sensation – Pierced by cold needles. Cold , numbness and tingling. Sensitiveness to pressure / cold air. Aphthae on roof of mouth. Diagonal symptoms – right arm and left leg....read more

Swine Flu

Avoid crowds and unnecessary travel to reduce the risk of swine flu;  pregnant women are slightly more susceptible to all infections, one of them is swine flu. It is important that pregnant women know that - and particularly other members of the population know that - so that they behave...read more


COLOCYNTHIS    Pains (in larger nerves; face, abdomen, along the course of the nerves; extreme restlessness and great weakness with the pains, feeling of faintness, or even fainting.  Numbness, pricking and tingling, like the crawling of ants in the part affected. Pain is better from hard pressure and from heat, it is worse during...read more

Aconitum Napellus In Toothache

ACONITUM NAPELLUS IN TOOTHACHE For children , women and sensitive nervous persons. Toothache in eye and stomach-teeth.  One sided ( Left side ). Gums swollen. Beating or pulsating pain. Blunt, or without feeling.  Piercing, pressing as if from congestion of blood, as if the teeth were too close. Pain is worse in night....read more

Allium Cepa & Antimonium Crudum. In Toothache

ALLIUM CEPA   Onions, one of the oldest vegetables, are found in a large number of recipes and preparations . Confusion. Fears she will become distracted, from pain in the suppurations on the fingers. Very melancholy. Dulness, pressure, fulness, heaviness in the head most in occiput, worse evenings, better in the open air,...read more

Apis Mellifica

APIS MELLIFICA   Apis mellifica is made from the whole honey bee, Apium virus is simply the clear poison of the bee triturated.General action of the poison - Rapid swellings with redness, burning and stinging pains. Œdema of any part of the body. Œdematous infiltrations and inflammations.  Serous inflammations and dropsies. Characteristic...read more

Bryonia (toothache)

BRYONIA Very irritable, inclined to be angry. Sensation in bed as if be were sinking deep down. Headache from ironing, or from washing the perspiring face in cold water. Parched and dry lips, likes to moisten them often, mouth dry and thirsty for cold water. Delirium about his business, worse at night,...read more


THYROTOXICOSIS  Hypermetabolic clinical syndrome resulting from serum elevations in thyroid hormone levels, specifically free thyroxine (T4), triiodothyronine (T3), or both. HYPERTHYROIDISM - Thyrotoxicosis in which accelerated thyroid hormone biosynthesis and secretion by the thyroid gland produce thyrotoxicosis.  Many patients have thyrotoxicosis caused by hyperthyroidism. Some patients may have thyrotoxicosis caused by inflammation of...read more

Aloe Socotrina

ALOE SOCOTRINA Aloe Socotrina acts most prominently on the liver. Has also many symptoms of portal and uterine congestion. Varicose condition of veins in pharynx. Sensation of plug between symphysis pubis and os coccygis, with urging to stool. Sense of insecurity in rectum, when passing flatus.  A lot of mucus, with pain in rectum after...read more


ALUMINA   GENERAL ACTION OF ALUMINA Through the spinal nerves Alumina acts on the colon and rectum, producing great dryness of their secretions ; it also produces profound prostration of the cerebro-spinal nervous system. Old people (Must strain at stool to urinate; slow flow. Totters, if eyes are closed.), with lack of vital heat, or prematurely old, with debility. Hasty, but...read more


Lachesis   Appearance of anxiety, of unrest and distress.  Face is spotted or purple.  Inflamed spot, is purple.  Inflamed glands and cellular tissues, are of purple or mottled appearance. Ulceration [small wounds {prick of a pin will ooze great drops of blood} bleed much like Phosphorus and Kreosote; uterus, nose, vomiting, hemorrhage from the bowels,...read more


ABSCESS The application of heat, as poultices or hot water, relaxes and soothes the parts and favors the formation and discharge of pus. Apply CALENDULA OFFICINALIS-Q(most remarkable healing agent) externally. Medicines MYRISTICA SEBIFERA Specific action in panaritium has great antiseptic powers. Carbuncles.  Hastens suppuration and shortens its duration.  ANTHRACINUM Succession of boils, carbuncles and malignant ulcers. Intolerable burning.  Dissecting wounds....read more


MISCARRIAGE (Abortion) SABINA Threatened abortion about the third month, with pains small of the back, going down thighs ; bruised sensation along the anterior surface of the thighs.Pains from sacrum to pubis is also a characteristic symptom. Hæmorrhages, where blood is fluid and clots together. Violent pulsations; wants windows open. Tendency to miscarriage,...read more

Cactus Grandiflorus

CACTUS GRANDIFLORUS  Cactus is pulseless, panting and prostrated.  Fear of death. Screams with pain. Anxiety  Sadness, taciturnity, hypochondriasis ; irresistible inclination to weep. (Lyc., Natr., Nux m., Plat., Puls.)   Irregular circulation. Violent congestion. Hot gushings into chest. Localised pulsations; behind stomach. Intense pulsating pain, with pain in right side of head. Headache if obliged...read more


MIGRAINE Recurrent Paroxysmal Headaches (Sick headache , bilious attacks) An adolescent or young adult with a family history of similar attacks , complains of recurrent paroxysm of unilateral spreading head pains, photophobia and biliousness, preceded by transitory visual aura.The headaches are paroxysmal , recurrent and date from adolescence.Each attack lasts 4-48 hours...read more


Abdominal Pain (Colic) Sudden, agonising, gripping pain in the abdomen is called abdominal colic. Treatment Check if most symptoms of any of these medicines match with most of your symptoms:Colocynth 30: Very severe, agonising pain in the abdomen, especially in the evening from 4 to 9 p.m. The pain comes in paroxysms,...read more

Thyroid Disorders

THYROID DISORDERS Spongia Children and women, especially with light and lax skin and muscles.Extreme exhaustion and heaviness of the body after slight exertion, with great anxiety, nausea, pale face, and difficult breathing.Painful stiffness of muscles of neck and throat.Violent palpitation of the heart (Acon., Ars., Bell., Lycopus, Spig., Sulph.), with pain and...read more

Diabetes And Diabetic's Gangrene

DIABETES and Diabetic's gangrene A healthy meal plan for diabetics is generally the same as a healthy diet for anyone: it has to be low in fat (particularly saturated fats and trans fats) and must have moderate amounts of salt and starch. In addition, the meals must be based on whole...read more

Dioscorea Villosa

New Page 1 DIOSCOREA VILLOSA. Dioscorea villosa (wild yam) is a species of a twining tuberous vine that is native to and found growing wild in North America. Its fame is based on its steroid-like saponins which can be chemically converted to progesterone contraceptives; and cortisone. (Dioscorea villosa [Yams] are high in vitamin...read more

Brachyglottis Repens

Brachyglottis Repens  "Puka Puka." Tincture of green leaves and flowers. N. O. Eupatoriaceæ. Proved by C. L. Fischer. The Maories use the leaves to apply to old sores and ulcers. Horses eating young shrubs lose all power over hind legs and spine. It causes lassitude; weakness; loss of flesh. Bright's disease. Dysmenorrhœa. Albuminuria...read more

Lac Caninum

Lac Caninum Alternation of sides, often very rapid. Soreness of throat, tickling sensation which causes constant cough then a sensation of a lump on one side, causing constant deglutition this entirely ceases and commences on the opposite side; sore throats apt to begin and end with the menses. The membrane forms...read more

Digitalis Purpurea

DIGITALIS PURPUREA   Respiration irregular, difficult, performed by frequent deep sighs. Sudden sensation as if the heart stood still, with great anxiety. Extremely slow pulse. The chief interest in this drug centres about its action on the heart ; vigorous systolic contractions, which become very irregular ; the pulse becomes slow, arterioles are contracted...read more

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann

Christian Friedrich Samuel HAHNEMANN  (1755-1843, Germany, France) Born:    10 April 1755   Died:   2 July 1843 Born in Germany in 1755, he earned his medical diploma in 1779.  In 1782, he married Henriette Kuchler with whom he had eleven children. Starting in 1784, once he had interrupted his medical career to devote himself to...read more

Cancer, Symptoms And Treatments

Cancer, Symptoms and Treatments Aether Cancerous tumor. Alumen Cancer of the rectum. Severe pains in the anus and rectum, appearing several minutes after stool; stinging and tearing up the rectum, relieved by bending forward and sitting bent forward; particularly worse when lying on the side;not so much when lying on the back; burning and...read more

Fibroids, Symptoms And Treatments

Fibroids, Symptoms and Treatments Arsenicum iodatum Fibroid degeneration of the heart and arteries. CONVALLARIA MAJALIS The heart's action is weak, exercise causing a fluttering sensation which will continue but a short time, when the heart will appear to stop beating and then start suddenly, causing a faint feeling. The pulse is intermittent, but full...read more

Blood Pressure (hypertension)

BLOOD PRESSURE (HYPERTENSION) Hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects several adults and the percentage is increasing with the advancement, even people in the countryside are suffering from such problems due to change in their habits of living and food they consume. It rarely makes a person feel ill. If it goes...read more

Prostate, Cancer

PROSTATE, Cancer The prostate is a gland. It helps make semen, the fluid that contains sperm. The prostate surrounds the tube that carries urine away from the bladder and out of the body. A young man's prostate is about the size of a walnut. It slowly grows larger with age....read more

Pregnancy, Complaints Of

Pregnancy, complaints of ACONITUM NAPELLUS- Pregnancy. Pregnancy and parturition call for Aconite in impending cases of abortion when induced by fright and vexation. AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM- During pregnancy sacro-iliac symphysis gives out while she walks; must sit down; feels best lying. AETHUSA CYNAPIUM - This we may find in men, children, or...read more

Rabies : Hydrophobia

Rabies : hydrophobia   AGARICUS MUSCARIUS (AGARICUS MUSCARIUS-AMANITA) Towards evening, suddenly attacked with rabid hunger; body covered with sweat; tremor and weariness of limbs. ANAGALLIS ARVENSIS (ANAGALLIS) This remedy is employed as an antidote to poisons and to prevent injurious effect from the bites of rabid animals. ARNICA MONTANA (ARNICA) Bites of rabid dogs and other animals. Injurious...read more

Leucoderma (kilas), Or Vitiligo

Leucoderma (Kilas), or Vitiligo Those cases in which the pigmentation of the skin is at fault as the sole existing disease may be divided into two classes--those in which the pigment is deficient in quantity (Leucoderma, or Vitiligo), and those in which it is in excess (Melanoderma). Leucoderma is caused by...read more

Tinnitus Symptoms And Treatments, Homeopathy

TINNITUS Aconitum cammarum- There is headache agg. by bending body forward; and faceache accompanied by tinnitus aurium and vertigo. Baryta muriatica- Tinnitus. Causticum - Accumulations of mucus in larynx and fauces; catarrh of throat and Eustachian tubes with tinnitus and reverberation. Cedron - Tinnitus. Chenopodium anthelminticum - Tinnitus. Roaring tinnitus synchronous with...read more


CORYZA Aesculus hippocastanum Coryza : thin, watery, burning; rawness and sensitive to inhaled cold air. Dry, uncomfortable feeling in the rectum, as if it were filled with small sticks. Hemorrhoids like ground nuts, purple, generally blind, with burning; also with aching; lameness and shootings in the back. Thick, dark, corroding leucorrhoea,...read more

Diabetes And Urine Leakage (incontinence)

Diabetes and urine Leakage (incontinence) Men and women (common in older women, but that doesn't mean it's a natural part of aging) of all ages have bladder control problems. It is a common belief that bladder control problems are something that happens when you get older; truth is that men/women of...read more

Itching, Anal

ITCHING, Anal Pruritus ani (anal itching) is intolerable urge sometimes difficult to ignore and is embarrassing but you just can’t help it. It is a general problem but is most common in people who have diabetes mellitus or HIV. It is usually a temporary problem but it can be persistent that...read more

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