Aconitum Napellus (monkshood) - Part Two

Complaints from very hot weather-- your child goes out (these days some parts in India and abroad are facing high temperature in the day time – family members have to go out and work – general public cannot afford to sit in air-conditioned apartments – exposure to sun heat more

Agnus Castus

AGNUS CASTUS Agnus Castus causes depression of sexual function. General debility. Extreme absence of mind; unable to recollect things; finds it difficult to read or keep up the train of thought. Depression of vital power. Great sadness with a fixed idea of approaching death. After confinement the milk fails to appear (fear of more

Medicines For Injuries

ArnicaBlack-and-blue, sore appearance and sensation.Arnica is not used for wounds/open injuries it may bring on erysipelas.   Calcarea carbFor the weakness that persists after Rhus. Over-lifting. StrainsCALENDULA OFFICINALISGreat remedy for wounds/open injuries. (Aqueous Calendula lacally; internally Q-3rd potency)HYPERICUM PERFORATUM (St. John's Wort.)Hypericum is the Arnica of the nerves. Concussion more

Aconitum Napellus (monkshood)

Aconite grows on the higher Alps of Central Europe, in damp, shady fields, along brooks and streams. We make our mother tincture from the entire plant, except the root, gathered at the time of flowering. It affects the sensory nerves, causing tingling, followed by numbness. It accelerates the heart's action, more

Hydrastis Canadensis

HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS Hydrastis Canadensis grows in the United States, from New York to Minnesota and southward, its common name is Golden Seal. Mother tincture is prepared from the fresh root, gathered as the plant is budding to blossom or in the fall. It has the property of contracting more


The ripe seeds are used in making the mother tincture. It seems to act chiefly on the genito-urinary organs, prostate gland especially, and corresponds to many conditions proceeding from abnormal states in this region. The results of suppressed anger, peevishness and hyper-sensitiveness. Mind dwelling on sexual more

Nux Moschata

NUX MOSCHATA Hysteria, with enormous bloating of the abdomen, dryness of the mouth, etc. General tendency to syncope from light causes. Complaints with almost complete insensibility, with great slowness of comprehension. General inclination to become unconscious during acute attacks. Bewildered senses, increasing to faintness and unconsciousness. Feeling of looseness of the brain on moving the more


Chamomilla The word chamomile comes from Greek (chamaimlon), “earth-apple”, from (chamai), “on the ground” “apple”, so called because of the applelike scent of the plant. Passiflora incarnate is useful in nervous sleeplessness, clean tongue seems to be an indication, also useful in convulsions and tetanus. Cypripedium :Children awake in the night and more


SULPHUR There are flashes of heat, and heat on top of the head with burning of the soles; the patient has to put the feet out of bed at night to keep them cool. It acts upon every organ and tissue of the body. It produces venous engorgement, chronic in nature, more


CANTHARIS. It is the Spanish fly, and the tincture is made of one part of dried Spanish flies and five parts of alcohol. Triturations are made of the powdered insect. General action of Cantharis  Its special field of action is the mucous membrane of the genito-urinary tract, producing violent inflammation throughout this system ; it also more

Abies Canadensis

When to use ABIES CANADENSIS in our daily life There is a dry mouth, a gnawing or burning in the stomach, a hungry, faint, weak feeling with craving for indigestible or unsuitable articles of food(Great appetite, craving for meat, pickles, radishes, turnips, artichokes, coarse food), and tendency to more

Abies Nigra

When to use ABIES NIGRA in our daily life A sensation as if the patient had swallowed some indigestible substance [when this symptom is present, whether in dyspepsia, lung disease (when the sensation is as if there was a hard substance to be coughed up) with or without hæmoptysis, constipation, more

Acalypha Indica

When to use ACALYPHA INDICA in our daily life Hæmorrhages having a morning aggravation (rectal hæmorrhage, chest hæmorrhage). Dry cough, followed by spitting of blood, which is pure in the morning, but dark, lumpy and clotted in the evening, with a constricted feeling around the chest. Early stages more

Acetic Acid

When to use ACETIC ACID in our daily life Child does not want its head touched. Inflammation of bowels in dentition. Children thirsty, but swallow with some difficulty, even a teaspoonful of water. One cheek red, the other pale. Weak sight. Liver complaint. Scorbutic ulcers ; toothache. Glands more

Aconitum Napellus

When to use ACONITUM NAPELLUS in our daily life   Mental distress is invariably present in aconite complaints. Unquenchable thirst for cold water; large drinks at long intervals, or drinks little and often. Painful parts are violently congested, hot and swollen, trouble brought on by more

Adonis Vernalis

Domestic Physician ‘ADONIS VERNALIS’ In increases arterial tension, regulates the heart beasts by lessening the frequency of the pulse and increasing the force of the cardiac contraction.   Rapid and feeble action of the heart (after rheumatism or influenza, or bright's disease; muscles of the heart are more

Aesculus Hippocastanum

AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM   Buy Aesculus Hippocastanum Here (Potency 30C) Slowness (digestion, heart, bowels-constipation) stasis (venous – varicose veins) congestion (liver, portal system). Feeling full of small sticks in rectum (swelling obstructing the passage also in throat) more

Aethusa Cynapium

AETHUSA CYNAPIUM Intolerance of milk in babies, vomiting (exhausts causing deep sleep) as soon as swallowed or in large curds, the baby is hungry after vomiting. Onset is violent and exhausts the patient.   In fever there is great heat but no thirst, must be covered during sweat. more

Agaricus Muscarius

AGARICUS MUSCARIUS Tubercular Diathesis. Gradual onset. Jerking , twitching(ceases during sleep), trembling, and itching. Sensation – Pierced by cold needles. Cold , numbness and tingling. Sensitiveness to pressure / cold air. Aphthae on roof of mouth. Diagonal symptoms – right arm and left more


COLOCYNTHIS    Pains (in larger nerves; face, abdomen, along the course of the nerves; extreme restlessness and great weakness with the pains, feeling of faintness, or even fainting.  Numbness, pricking and tingling, like the crawling of ants in the part affected. Pain is better from hard pressure and from heat, it is worse more

Apis Mellifica

APIS MELLIFICA   Apis mellifica is made from the whole honey bee, Apium virus is simply the clear poison of the bee triturated.General action of the poison - Rapid swellings with redness, burning and stinging pains. Œdema of any part of the body. Œdematous infiltrations and inflammations.  Serous inflammations and dropsies. more

Aloe Socotrina

ALOE SOCOTRINA Aloe Socotrina acts most prominently on the liver. Has also many symptoms of portal and uterine congestion. Varicose condition of veins in pharynx. Sensation of plug between symphysis pubis and os coccygis, with urging to stool. Sense of insecurity in rectum, when passing flatus.  A lot of mucus, with pain in rectum more


ALUMINA   GENERAL ACTION OF ALUMINA Through the spinal nerves Alumina acts on the colon and rectum, producing great dryness of their secretions ; it also produces profound prostration of the cerebro-spinal nervous system. Old people (Must strain at stool to urinate; slow flow. Totters, if eyes are closed.), with lack of vital heat, or prematurely old, with debility. Hasty, more


Lachesis   Appearance of anxiety, of unrest and distress.  Face is spotted or purple.  Inflamed spot, is purple.  Inflamed glands and cellular tissues, are of purple or mottled appearance. Ulceration [small wounds {prick of a pin will ooze great drops of blood} bleed much like Phosphorus and Kreosote; uterus, nose, vomiting, hemorrhage from the bowels, more

Cactus Grandiflorus

CACTUS GRANDIFLORUS  Cactus is pulseless, panting and prostrated.  Fear of death. Screams with pain. Anxiety  Sadness, taciturnity, hypochondriasis ; irresistible inclination to weep. (Lyc., Natr., Nux m., Plat., Puls.)   Irregular circulation. Violent congestion. Hot gushings into chest. Localised pulsations; behind stomach. Intense pulsating pain, with pain in right side of head. Headache if more


Petroleum History of skin troubles in winter; skin troubles getting worse in winter; feels hungry during night , may have to rise and eat otherwise cannot sleep; motion/car sickness; if you have faced such symptoms in your life and now in advancing age you find problem in reading without glasses more


CAUSTICUM It is both antipsoric and antisycotic and antisyphilitic. Suited to dark-haired persons with rigid fibre; delicate skins; lymphatic, torpid temperament. In children there are many symptoms of scrofula. There is a weakened and emaciated appearance, especially about the face, the abdomen being large.The paralytic element comes out in slow learning more

Oxalicum Acidum

Oxalicum acidum If Opium is the painless remedy, Oxal. ac. may be considered its antithesis: it causes pains excruciating beyond description, and it has this grand keynote distinction, that its pains are all < when the patient thinks of them. And not only that, thinking of pains and conditions will bring them on when they are more

Nitric Acid

Nitric Acid Persons of brown complexion. In whom the stools are habitually too soft. In can rarely be employed in those habits where there is a tendency to constipation. Nitric acid is employed with great success in diseases of the bones, chiefly when those diseases have been preceded by syphilis or the more


Guaiacum One of Hahnemann's antipsorics. The growing pains of children are relieved by it. Absent minded in the morning. Indolent, and low spirited. Obstinate; fretful, and forgetful. Vertigo on rising. Very deep acting remedy. Constitution rheumatic, gouty, and inherited phthisis. Rheumatism:  patients  subject to diarrhoea. The tendons are too short, or they have abscesses, Catarrhal troubles, bronchitis. Drawing, tension more

Calcarea Carbonica

Calcarea Carbonica   Just as the earth consists of hard and soft material, such as rocks, water and air, so too does the human body consist of the liquid, racing, iron-filled blood, the sulphurous skin and hair and the hard, rock-like, calcareous skeleton. The legion correspondences that really exist between earth, minerals, more

Calcarea Phosphorica

Calcarea Phosphorica Calc. Phos. corresponds to defective nutrition, whether of childhood, puberty, or of old age. Calc. carb. has an open anterior fontanelle; Calc. Phos. has both open, especially the posterior. The skull is thin and soft, almost cracks, like paper when pressed upon. Vertigo appearing to come from the stomach, swimming in more


 Sabadilla It is an intense irritant, causing violent sneezing, tingling, prickling, numbness, formication, and finally paralysis of the end nerves. Tears flowing as soon as pain is felt in any part. Formication which extends to the remote parts of the body. Sensory illusions imagines himself sick or thinks certain parts have enlarged more

Dioscorea Villosa

New Page 1 DIOSCOREA VILLOSA. Dioscorea villosa (wild yam) is a species of a twining tuberous vine that is native to and found growing wild in North America. Its fame is based on its steroid-like saponins which can be chemically converted to progesterone contraceptives; and cortisone. (Dioscorea villosa [Yams] are high in more

Zincum Metallicum

Zincum Metallicum An antipsoric medicine suitable in broken down constitutions feeble constitutions enfeeblement characterizes the whole drug patient is nervous extremely sensitive (this extreme over sensitiveness is like Nux; which is inimical) excitable trembling quivering twitching of muscles tearing pains along the course of the nerves tingling, excited on the least provocation over sensitiveness in one part and lack of feeling in another more


BELLADONNA Characteristic indications Pains gradually increase, suddenly decline and appear elsewhere. Painful spots are sore on gentle pressure, yet firm pressure is tolerated. Hot, red skin, flushed face, full, hard pulse, throbbing carotids, with delirium and hyperæsthesia of the senses. Great dilatation of the pupils, photophobia and injected eyes. It affects principally the right more

Ranunculus Bulbosus

RANUNCULUS BULBOSUS We find the original provings of this remedy in Stapf's Additions to the Materia Medica.It is the Buttercup, or bulbous crowfoot ; the whole fresh plant is used ; gathered in June while in flower. It acts especially on the muscular tissue and skin, and its most characteristic effects more

Pulsatilla Nigricans

PULSATILLA NIGRICANS We find the original provings of Pulsatilla in Hahnemann's Materia Medica Pura. see, also, Dunham's Materia Medica. Its common name is the Wind flower. Pulsatilla acts prominently on all mucous membranes, producing a catarrhal condition ; upon synovial membranes, producing arthritic and rheumatic conditions. It is a great venous remedy, more


Caulophyllum Proved by Dr. Burt. It acts on the female generative organs and on rheumatic states. Its action on the muscular tissue of the uterus (whether gravid or not) is to cause intermittent spasms or contractions (differing from the continuous contractions of Secale). No other drug produces uterine spasms so markedly more


Silica Rush of blood to the head, especially to the right temple and vertex; headache everyday; photophobia; lachrymation; loss of taste; aversion to fat food with rancid or oily taste in mouth.         Sil. may also cause the absorption through the lymphatics of an effusion of blood in any tissue. If the reabsorption of more

Brachyglottis Repens

Brachyglottis Repens  "Puka Puka." Tincture of green leaves and flowers. N. O. Eupatoriaceæ. Proved by C. L. Fischer. The Maories use the leaves to apply to old sores and ulcers. Horses eating young shrubs lose all power over hind legs and spine. It causes lassitude; weakness; loss of flesh. Bright's disease. Dysmenorrhœa. more


COFFEA Incompatible: Camph; Coccul. Complementary: Acon. Antidotes: Nux; Tabac. Dose.-30c and higher. Extreme sensitiveness characterizes this remedy. Coffea is specially suited to tall, lean, stooping persons with dark complexions, temperament choleric and sanguine. Skin hypersensitive. The drinking of coffee by the aged is likely to increase production of uric acid, causing irritation of kidneys; more


Glonoinum Antidoted by: Acon., Camph., Coff., Nux v. Many of Glonoinum's symptoms resemble those of sunstroke ; fever and inflammation are lacking ; there is a tendency to violent and sudden irregularities of circulation ; all symptoms worse from being in the sun. Confusion of place ; patient forgets where he lives ; more

Actaea Spicata

Actæa Spicata Actaea spicata is an extremely poisonous plant. It is also grown as an ornamental plant in gardens. Actaea spicata berries contain cardiogenic toxins which can have an immediate sedative effect on human cardiac muscle tissue. Actaea spicata berries are the most poisonous part of the plant for humans and ingestion can lead to cardiac arrest more

Lac Caninum

Lac Caninum Alternation of sides, often very rapid. Soreness of throat, tickling sensation which causes constant cough then a sensation of a lump on one side, causing constant deglutition this entirely ceases and commences on the opposite side; sore throats apt to begin and end with the menses. The membrane more

Oleum Animale

Oleum animale Ol. an. has burning pains and burning sensations in almost all parts, and like the carbons and K. carb. it has also stitches and sometimes combinations of the two, stitches as with red-hot needles.Stitches from behind forward in breasts; pressure from both sides of the back extends forward.Pulled upward more

Rumex Crispus

Rumex Crispus Tincture from fresh root gathered after the fruit is ripe, but before frost. Teasing, persistent cough, irritating, dry, occurring in paroxysms, which is aggravated by cold air, the patient has to cover his head to breathe warm air ; it is caused by tickling in the supra-sternal fossa ; more


Sarsaparilla  Sars. meets the sycotic as well as the psoric (scrofulous) and syphilitic constitution; and it is "restorative" after over-dosing with Merc. because it is a homœopathic antidote to Merc.  Changeable disposition.Morose, with inclination to work.The mental depression is caused by the pains. Giddiness ; when looking long at an object ; or with nausea and more

Thuja Occidentalis

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS Moistening and suppurating sycotic excrescences. Warts on any part of the body with little necks, called fig warts; tubular wart--i.e., long wart, same size all the way out; "mother's mark." Condylomata. Hydrogenoid constitutions (possessing "an increased capacity to contain water; hence rain, cold, damp weather, beds, and food that more

Natrums (the Sodas)

BORAX Where there is dread of downward motion. Nursing sore mouth of children. Copious, clear and albuminous leucorrhœa. Aphthæ form on the inside of the cheeks, on the tongue and in the fauces ; the mouth is hot ; the membrane around these aphthæ bleeds easily, and the child lets go of the more

Teucrium Marum Verum

Teucrium Marum Verum     (Teucr. - Cat-Thyme.) Complementary: Calc-c.Teucrium marum verum is Cat Thyme, tincture from the fresh plant is made just before coming into bloom. Tearing in the limbs, especially in the bones and joints. The limbs go to sleep. Nervous, trembling, irritable sensation in the whole body. About noon general sensation of debility. more


THEA Delirium; tremens. Mania; suicidal; homicidal. Hernia. Megrim. Nervousness. Neuralgia. Paralysis. Sleeplessness. Sensation as if impelled to suicide, to jump out of the window, put her baby in the boiler with the clothes, cut its throat while cutting bread, throw it downstairs (from excessive tea-drinking, cured with Thea cm, Fincke) .Disposition more

Naja Tripudians

NAJA TRIPUDIANS Cobra Virus   Acute pain and sense of oppression at the chest, as though a hot iron had been run in and a hundredweight put on the top of it. Cholera , in the collapse stage, with pulselessness and difficulty of breathing. In heart cases: Depression and lowness about more

Crotalus Cascavella

Crotalus Cascavella Snakes are reptiles, all of whom are limbless, scaled predators with a carnivorous diet. Some snakes are poisonous, and nearly all of our snake medicines come from the venomous group. This includes well-known medicines such as Lachesis, the bushmaster, Crotalus horridus and cascavella, the rattlesnakes, Elaps, the coral snake, more

Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum Album   Arsenicum is a frequently indicated medicine.   It affects every part of our body.   Characteristics: Anxiety, restlessness, prostration, burning and cadaveric odors.   The surface of the body is pale, cold, clammy, and sweating, and the aspect is cadaveric.    Chronic sickness: great debility, anaemia, from long exposure to malarial influence, in the poorly fed. more

Digitalis Purpurea

DIGITALIS PURPUREA   Respiration irregular, difficult, performed by frequent deep sighs. Sudden sensation as if the heart stood still, with great anxiety. Extremely slow pulse. The chief interest in this drug centres about its action on the heart ; vigorous systolic contractions, which become very irregular ; the pulse becomes slow, arterioles are more

Caladium Seguinum

CALADIUM SEGUINUM Marked action on the genital organs,  pruritus of this region. Coldness of single parts. Inclination to lie down, with aggravation on lying on left side. Slightest noise startles from sleep. Dread from motion. Modifies craving for tobacco. Tobacco heart. Headaches and mental states of smokers. Caladium is useful in all sorts more


Osmium Head Violent headache above and under the eyes, one-sided, extending to the ears ; worst below the eyebrows ; the eye waters. Hair Care Very useful in falling off of the hair. [It is better to apply castor oil for a healthy growth of hair (mix 5ml each of ARNICA MONTANA-Q, CALENDULA OFFICINALIS-Q, CEANOTHUS AMERICANUS-Q, more


SEPIA SUCCUS Sepia is the inky secretion of the Cuttle fish, which it ejects when pursued by its enemies. Sepia suits to tall, slim females with narrow pelvises. "Tall women, Sepia ; tall men, Phosphorus". Sepia causes a venous plethora, first in the portal systems then throughout the body. This venous more

Phytolacca Decandra

PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA. Nodes in the breast, Phytolacca, Calcarea fluorica and Silicea. In Conium, there is stony hardness, and it is less acute than Phytolacca. In Conium the breasts are exceedingly sensitive, cannot bear the touch of clothes, and walking or jarring is painful. A traumatic cause is also a further indication. more


DULCAMARA. Dulcamara diarrhœa : Yellow, watery diarrhœa in damp weather, or in summer, when the weather suddenly cools ; mucous, green or changeable stools of sour odor. Diarrhœa from repelled eruptions. Dulcamara produces an eruption of large wheals, and it is useful in such if brought on by digestive troubles with more

Ambra Grisea

AMBRA GRISEA. It is Ambergris, which is found floating on the ocean, and is supposed to be derived from the whale. The genuine gray Ambergris is triturated. In Ambra there is defective reaction from nervous weakness. Difficult to think or understand. Vivid fancies which cannot be got rid of. Melancholia. Especially nervous in the presence more

Aletris Farinosa

ALETRIS FARINOSA Patient is tired all the time, and suffers from prolapsus, leucorrhœa, rectal distress, anæmia, chlorotic girls and pregnant women. Weariness of body and mind. Want of appetite, in connection with Uterine disorders. The least food distends the stomach, fainting attacks with vertigo. Emaciation. Obstinate vomiting of pregnancy. Eructations of more

Lycopodium Clavatum

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM Lycopodium is the Club Moss or ground pine. We prepare Lycopodium to use as a medicine triturating spores severely for hours, first dry, then with alcohol enough to make a thick paste, then sufficient alcohol is added to make five parts, by weight, to each part of Lycopodium. Stand more


Hydrophobinum Exquisite sensitiveness to breath of air; to bright objects, especially the surface of water; to sounds, and most of all to the sound of running water. Clairaudient. Thinking of fluids of any kind, even of blood, brings on convulsions. Even the thought of it is enough to bring on an aggravation or more

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