Planning A Baby (call Of Giving Natural Birth To Today's Women - Read "do It Naturally")

A large and healthy population is the life and strength of a nation, and the source of its success in science, art, agriculture and commerce. Diet in pregnancy Diet in pregnancy should be simple, light, nutritious and adapted to the requirements of the individual and the condition of the digestive system. Avoid more

All About Pregnancy

Call of giving natural birth to today's women How to become pregnant easily? When to conceive? Best time to conceive. Normally menstrual cycle is of 28 - 30 days. Ovulation (release of egg from ovaries) in women occurs between days 12 - 14. more

My Baby

MY BABY My baby is now just ………days/months old, he/she has got rashes on his/her face, neck ... I am using ……… lotion/soap/cream/oil ………… but there is no improvement instead it is getting severe and is spreading all over the body. I am worried about this. Please suggest ……… more


MISCARRIAGE (Abortion) SABINA Threatened abortion about the third month, with pains small of the back, going down thighs ; bruised sensation along the anterior surface of the thighs.Pains from sacrum to pubis is also a characteristic symptom. Hæmorrhages, where blood is fluid and clots together. Violent pulsations; wants windows open. Tendency to miscarriage, more

Infertility (pcod)

PCOD (Poly cystic ovarian disease) Menstrual dysfunction if not treated properly and in the beginning leads to complications like ‘PCOD’, so be careful and don’t let your minor symptoms neglected helping progress of diseases in you. A woman having irregular periods with weight problems and hair growth on face and body more

Calculate Your Labour Date

Calculate your labour date  S.N. Month of last menstruation Expected date of labour 1 January October7 2 February November7 3 March December5 4 April January 4 5 May February 4 6 June March7 7 July April6 8 August May7 9 September June7 10 October July7 11 November August7 12 December September6 Note: If your LAST menstruation date is January 15 then your expected date of labour is October 22. Read more: All about pregnancy - Call of giving natural birth to today's women Planning a baby (Call of giving natural more

Birth Control (planning Your Family)

BIRTH CONTROL (PLANNING YOUR FAMILY) Homoeopathy safer and superior medicine Homoeopathy helps you in planning your family. Avoid pregnancy till you desire. (THERE ARE ALWAYS CHANCES OF FAILURE WHEN USING ANY CONTRACEPTIVE MEASURES) (For better result Use Reckeweg / Schwabe medicines) You may choose anyone medicine from the following according to your convenience. Pulsatilla, more

Pregnancy, Complaints Of

Pregnancy, complaints of ACONITUM NAPELLUS- Pregnancy. Pregnancy and parturition call for Aconite in impending cases of abortion when induced by fright and vexation. AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM- During pregnancy sacro-iliac symphysis gives out while she walks; must sit down; feels best lying. AETHUSA CYNAPIUM - This we may find in men, children, more

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