Skin Diseases


A group of inflammatory skin disorders that make the skin dry, itchy, flaky, red and sore are known as eczema sometimes in severe forms the skin can become broken and weep or bleed. People of every age may be affected. The main symptom is itch. This can be so more

Rashes And Hives

RASHES and HIVES (Urticaria, neetle-rash) A localized or widespread eruption of wheals (of variable size and shape), preceded and accompanied by itching (may be severe). Individual wheal may fade after few minutes and seldom persists longer than few hours. Therefore when your doctor wants to more

Improve Your Complexion (skin Colour)

IMPROVE YOUR COMPLEXION   (SKIN COLOUR)     BATH Put the following medicines in the bathing water- CALENDULA OFFICINALIS-Q 1drop per liter,   SARSAPARILLA OFFICINALIS-Q 1drop per liter    and   Sulphur-Q 1drop per liter   MASSAGE MASSAGE your skin with CALENDULA OFFICINALIS-Q twice daily.   INTERNAL MEDICINE Take BERBERIS AQUIFOLIUM-Q 1drop in a cup of water four times a day.   DIET Take plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables daily, more


PSORIASIS Psoriasis is curable by homoeopathy. Suffering patients may take following medicines in supervision of their family doctor. SULPHUR Sulphur ; the skin is harsh and rough ; the acne is principally on the face and is associated with comedos. Great aggravation from water. Especially in women who have scanty menses and irregular circulation of blood. The more

Healthy Skin

HEALTHY SKIN Rhus toxicodendron The skin is red and covered with numerous vesicles. There is great itching and tingling. The skin is swollen and oedematous. It is especially the remedy for vesicular erysipelas. Apis differs from Rhus toxicodendron Under Apis there is more burning and stinging than under Rhus. There is also more oedema, and more

Barber's Itch

Barber's Itch ANATHERUM MURICATUM - Ulcers, scabs, or scaly herpes; falling off of eyebrows and beard.   RHUS TOXICODENDRON - Barber's itch, Rhus tox is an excellent remedy here.(LACHESIS)   GRAPHITES - Cracks with thick sticky discharge. Much itching. Bald spots on sides of head. Head sweats easily.   Mezerium, Calc.carb., Nitric acid, Aurum met and Sulphur more

Leucoderma (kilas), Or Vitiligo

Leucoderma (Kilas), or Vitiligo Those cases in which the pigmentation of the skin is at fault as the sole existing disease may be divided into two classes--those in which the pigment is deficient in quantity (Leucoderma, or Vitiligo), and those in which it is in excess (Melanoderma). Leucoderma is caused more

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