Pains (in larger nerves; face, abdomen, along the course of the nerves; extreme restlessness and great weakness with the pains, feeling of faintness, or even fainting. 

Numbness, pricking and tingling, like the crawling of ants in the part affected.

Pain is better from hard pressure and from heat, it is worse during repose and drives the patient to despair) due to a anger (violent neuralgia in the head, eyes, down the spine and in the intestines with vomiting and diarrhea, vomits and continues to retch after the stomach is empty in those who are in the habit of overeating) with indignation, severe - patient is unable to keep still , worse during rest, > by pressure and > by heat.  

Patient is irritable; everything vexes him; he is worse from vexation; restless walks about the room, wants to be alone.  

Burning pains in the eyes. Pains are better from pressure in the beginning later the part becomes very sensitive and pressure cannot be endured  

Dose: 30,200,1m,10m,cm

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