For children , women and sensitive nervous persons. Toothache in eye and stomach-teeth.

 One sided ( Left side ).

Gums swollen. Beating or pulsating pain.

Blunt, or without feeling.

 Piercing, pressing as if from congestion of blood, as if the teeth were too close.

Pain is worse in night. Every spring. In winter. In wind. Taking cold. < Air, in the mouth. Drinking, wine. Mental emotions vexation.

Nursing, while. Sitting, too much. With pain there is heat in head, rush of blood to head. Face pale, flushed cheeks.

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(Potency 15C)
(Potency 30C)
(Potency 30C)

Aconite is, in the highest degree, antiphlogistic; and it acts especially on the sanguiferous system. It is useful, therefore, at the commencement of all inflammatory diseases, and all viscereal congestions of blood.  It is employed with the greatest success in croup, pleurisies, acute hepatitis, inflammatory fevers, catarrhs, inflammations of the brain and membranes, measles, small-pox, and beatings and palpitations of the heart.

Alternated with pulsatilla, it is a preservative against measles; one globule being ordered, and, twenty-four hours afterwards, one of pulsatilla, and both repeated several times. Even when the disease is not prevented, it is thus rendered much less formidable.

Aconite ought to be administered during the hot stage of fever; but should be avoided during the cold stage.

Above all other remedies, it is useful in diseases caused by fear or anger. It is indispensable with women who have suffered fear or disagreements during their periodical discharges; when one globule will be enough to reestablish tranquility, whether the medicine be laid on the tongue or simply smelled by the patient.

Vegetable acids and wine destroy the effects of aconite: they ought to be excluded from the regimen during the use of the medicine. Indeed, all medicines which have great analogy in action with aconite, act so that wine and acids serve as antidotes when it is wished to destroy their effects.

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