Aloe Socotrina acts most prominently on the liver. Has also many symptoms of portal and uterine congestion. Varicose condition of veins in pharynx. Sensation of plug between symphysis pubis and os coccygis, with urging to stool. Sense of insecurity in rectum, when passing flatus.  A lot of mucus, with pain in rectum after stool.

Dull headache across the forehead or a weight on the vertex ; heaviness in the eyes and nausea.
Aches above forehead, with heaviness in eyes, must partially close them.

There is a sudden urging to stool in the early morning, accompanied with a great deal of flatus and great weakness of the sphincters ; the patient loses confidence in them and fears that stool will pass with the flatus.
Sense of great exhaustion after stool.

They protrude like a bunch of grapes after each stool, and are relieved by the application of cold water and aggravated by motion.


 Lumbago alternating with headache and piles.

Collinsonia generally has constipation and Aloes diarrhœa.

The stools are of a jelly-like mucus and covered with blood, accompanied by griping in the epigastric region.

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