Abdominal Pain (Colic)

Sudden, agonising, gripping pain in the abdomen is called abdominal colic.


Check if most symptoms of any of these medicines match with most of your symptoms:

Colocynth 30:

Very severe, agonising pain in the abdomen, especially in the evening from 4 to 9 p.m. The pain comes in paroxysms, becoming so terrible every few minutes that the patient bends forward and twists and turns in bed to get relief. Discharge of gas, either from the mouth or the anus, relieves pain.

Dioscorea 30:

Violent colic due to indigestion, occurring in regular paroxysms, as if the intestines were grasped and twisted by a powerful hand. Pain gets worse from bending double or lying down but becomes less on standing erect or bending backward.

Mag phos 30 :

Severe, unbearable pain in the abdomen that comes in paroxysmal attacks. The pain compels the victim to loosen clothes and bend forward. Pressing or massaging the abdomen or applying heat to the abdomen. relieves pain. Discharge of gas does not relieve pain. Mag phos should be used when Colocynth fails to relieve abdominal pain.

Plumbum 30 :

Excessive pain in the abdomen from indigestion and obstinate constipation. The pain starts at the navel and then spreads in all directions. The victim feels that the stomach (abdominal wall) is being pulled by a string towards the backbone. Notes: 1. Take a few pills of the selected medicine every 10-15 minutes, till the pain subsides.

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