Children and women, especially with light and lax skin and muscles.Extreme exhaustion and heaviness of the body after slight exertion, with great anxiety, nausea, pale face, and difficult breathing.Painful stiffness of muscles of neck and throat.Violent palpitation of the heart (Acon., Ars., Bell., Lycopus, Spig., Sulph.), with pain and gasping respiration ; awakens after midnight with suffocation, great alarm, and anxiety.Thyroid gland swollen and hard (Iodi.), with suffocative attacks at night ; stitching pains.
Pulse full, hard, and frequent. (Acon., Bell., Verat. vir.)

Angina pectoris ; contracting pain in chest ; heat, suffocation, faintness, and anxious sweat.

Aneurism of aorta ; dry, paroxysmal cough ; worse lying down.

Rheumatic endocarditis ; loud blowing with each heart beat.


Great weakness and lassitude after all the symptoms passed off.

Icy-cold forearms, or only cold hands.More suitable for persons with light hair and blue eyes.

Fluoricum acidum
In disorders from perverted nutrition, side by side with Silicea, Calcarea, etc. ; diseases of the osseous tissue, particularly of the long bones ; fistulae ; whitlows ; dyspepsia ; diabetes ; varicosis ; ailments from Mercury or Silicea ; enlarged and indurated liver, after abuse of whiskey.Complaints of old age, also premature old age, in consequence of syphilitic mercurial dyscrasia. (Merc).

Extreme hunger, but in spite of this the patient emaciates ; the function of the glands is interfered with ; there is great torpidity and sluggishness of the system.

Anæmia, emaciation, muscular weakness, sweating, headache, nervous tremor of face and limbs, tingling sensations, paralysis. Heart rate increased, exophthalmus and dilation of pupils. In myxoedema and cretinism its effects are striking. Rheumatoid arthritis. Infantile wasting. Rickets. Delayed union of fractures. Craving for large amount of sweets.

Magnesia carbonica
Puny, sickly children, in whom milk causes pain when taken into the stomach, and is vomited undigested ; there are griping, colicky pains ; the stools are sour and green as grass ; the child is improperly nourished ; its mouth is full of ulcers.

Calcarea phosphorica
Thin, emaciated children, predisposed to glandular and osseous diseases ; large head and open fontanelles ; the teeth develop tardily ; there is curvature of the spine, it is so weak it cannot support the body ; the neck is very slim ; the child vomits persistently ; there is a diarrhoea of green, slimy and undigested stools.

Calcarea carbonica
By the sweat on head, by the damp, cold feet, and by the swollen abdomen.

Hepar sulphur
It stands between Sulphur and Calcarea.

There is weakness of digestion.

Diarrhoea, worse during day and after eating ; stools undigested and sour.

The whole body smells sour.

Natrum muriaticum
Thin necked children with ravenous appetite, yet they grow thin ; great thirst ; a constant heat and dryness of the mouth and throat, which water relieves.

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