Suppression of menses from violent emotions such as fright, etc. Aconite, Lycopodium, Opium, and Veratrum.

Calcarea carbonica
First menses are delayed, and there is apt to be congestion about head and chest ; there is palpitation of the heart, dyspnoea worse when ascending, and headache.

In scrofulous subjects and those with cold, damp feet, who perspire easily about the head.

With Belladonna there is a rush of blood to head, throbbing in temples, subjective feeling of coldness and feeling of weight and fulness in pelvis ; much bearing down.


Amenorrhoea caused by getting feet wet is the characteristic, with general Pulsatilla symptoms and conditions.

Dulcamara has Amenorrhoea from getting the feet wet

This drug is characterized further by an eruption on the skin at each menstrual period.


 Delayed first menses with debility, languor, palpitation, sickly complexion and puffiness about ankles.

Vicarious menstruation
Bryonia : Epistaxis in place of menstrual discharge ; dry cough ; oppression of chest and heaviness of head ; symptoms all worse from motion.

: Spitting and vomiting of blood at menstrual periods ; especially useful in tall, slender, phthisical subjects.

Apis in Amenorrhoea.

Congestion to head and bearing down in uterine region.

Hysterical, nervous and awkward with flushing of face, or a puffy, waxy condition ; pains in right ovary.

Cimicifuga in Amenorrhoea

When the menses are irregular, tardy or suppressed and accompanied by reflex nervous disturbances.

Graphites, Sepia, Sulphur, and Natrum mur may be useful in Amenorrhoea.

Auxiliary measures

Hot sitz baths and hot water injections ; these are especially indicated where the suppression is caused by exposure to cold or getting wet, and there is bearing down in pelvis.


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