Aconite (our teeth)

Aconitum napellus 

Eye and stomach-teeth. 
 One sided. 
 Left side. 
  Gums swollen. 
Character of Pains and Sensations. - Beating or pulsating. 
Blunt, or without feeling. 
Pressing, as if from congestion of blood, as if the teeth were too close. 
Time. - Night, worse in. 
Every spring. 
In winter. 
Causation. - Wind. 
 Wind, keen, cutting. 
 Taking cold. 
Persons and Temperament. - For children. 
 For women. 
 For sensitive nervous persons. 
Conditions of Aggravations. - Air, in the mouth. 
 Drinking, wine. 
 Mental emotions. 
 Mental, vexation. 
 Nursing, while. 
 Sitting, too much. 
Concomitants. - Head, heat in. 
Head, rush of blood to. 
 Face, pale. 
 Face, flushed cheeks.

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