Nitric Acid

Nitric Acid

Persons of brown complexion.
In whom the stools are habitually too soft. In can rarely be employed in those habits where there is a tendency to constipation.
Nitric acid is employed with great success in diseases of the bones, chiefly when those diseases have been preceded by syphilis or the abuse of mercury.
Vertigo:Obliged to sit down.
Pulsating headache
Paralysis of the upper-eyelid, sense of weight in the eyes, running of pus from the eyes.
FACE: Button-like eruption about the face, ulceration in the red portion of the lips, swelling of the glands of the neck.
EARS: Buzzing in the ears, beatings in the ears, obstruction in the ears, hard-hearing.
NOSE: Dryness of the nose, bleeding of the nose.
THROAT & Stomach: Burning heat in the throat, pain as of excoriation in the throat, bitter taste in the mouth, closure of the throat after having drank fast, distaste for animal food, impossibility of digesting milk, thirst (in suppuration of the lungs), accumulation of air in the abdomen, expulsion of wind night and morning, colics, shootings in the abdomen when touched, pain similar to that of ulcer in the lower part of the abdomen, borborygmi in the abdomen, weight in the fundament, fetidness of the urine, pain in passing water, swelling of the glands of the groin.
Leucorrhoea, dry coryza, obstruction in the nostrils, asthma, pain in the sacrum, pain in the back, stiffness in the nape of the neck, shooting pains in the shoulders, pain in the thighs in rising from a chair, feebleness in the knees, cramps in the calfs of the legs in walking after having sat down, shooting pains in the heel in walking, cold legs, icy coldness, itching inflammation in the limbs in consequence of the least cold, tearing pain in the limbs, itching of tetters, reddish brown spots on the skin, warts, great disposition to take cold, morning lassitude, after dinner weakness, agitation in the night, frequent dreams, afternoon fever with cold and heat, night-sweat, want of serenity of mind, sadness, chagrined temper, excessive irritibility, uneasiness as to the termination of the disease with fear of death, aversion for employment.
It has been found highly useful in amaurosis.


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