Calcarea Phosphorica

Calcarea Phosphorica

Calc. Phos. corresponds to defective nutrition, whether of childhood, puberty, or of old age.

Calc. carb. has an open anterior fontanelle; Calc. Phos. has both open, especially the posterior.

The skull is thin and soft, almost cracks, like paper when pressed upon.

Vertigo appearing to come from the stomach,

swimming in the head, the head shaken, want of memory, afflux of blood toward the head,

confused noise in the head,

headach in a coach, painful pressure at the occiput,

dryness of the hair, falling off of the hair,

great tendency in the outer part of the head to get cool,

flying heats in the face,

yellow complexion, puffiness of the face,

blindness in light, spots flying before the eyes, running from the eyes,

closure of the eyelids in the morning from suppuration,

feebleness of hearing, hard hearing, shootings in the ears,

shooting pains from the inner to the outer part of the ears,

dulness of smell,

toothach only while eating, lancinating toothach,

accumulation of mucus in the throat, acid taste in the mouth,

perversion of taste, bitter taste in the mouth,

frequent risings, sour risings, nausea,

desire to vomit accompanied by anxiety, bulimia, great taste for sugar;

nausea after having eaten, fulness of the stomach after eating,

tension over the stomach, pressure upon the liver;

pain in bending, as if the liver had changed from its place;

inertness and cold in the abdomen,

colics similar to the pains of labour,

abundant production of wind, displacement of wind,

not discharge of wind,

continual discharge of wind, itching at the anus,

piles in the anus, inertness of the rectum,

difficult passage of the stools which are moulded and which are too voluminous,

painful pressure in the rectum before the escape of wind,

constipation and difficult passage of the excrements,

constipation, the same for two days,

mucus which accompanies the alvine evacuations,

anxiety previous to going to stool, frequent desires to pass urine day and night,

dullness of venereal appetite, no erections, absence of pollutions;

periodical discharges which appear too soon;

itching eruption and excoriation between the thighs during the menses;

running from the vagina; obstruction in the nostrils,

dry coryza, cough, cough in the night, spitting of pus, spittings of pus with a cough, spasm of chest in coughing,

difficulty of breathing, whistling in the chest, asthma in the morning, spasmodic asthma,

beating of the heart, pain in the sacrum, pains in the sacrum following a fall,

painful plucking from the sacrum as far as the middle of the back,

plucking pain in the back, stiffness between the shoulder-blades,

stiffness in the nape of the neck, feebleness of the muscles of the neck,

pressure on the shoulders, numbness in the arms,

want of power in the arms, lassitude of the arms in the morning while in bed,

stiffness of the elbow-joint, trembling of the hands in writing,

paralytic pain in the articulation of the hand, nocturnal tearing pains in the legs,

cold feet, fetid perspiration of the feet, numbness of the limbs,

tendency to shiver in the day, tendency to twist and strain the loins,

want of transpiration and impossibility to perspire,

eruptions, great tendency to perspire in walking,

desire to sleep at an early hour in the evening,

dreams, foolish dreams in sleep, unquiet dreams,

convulsions in sleep, morning heat in bed, night sweat,

ill humour, disposition to frighten one’s self.

A patient attacked by ulcerous pulmonary phthisis will rarely be cured without the use of this antipsoric remedy.

Its nearest analogue is Carb. an. (which contains Calc. phos.)

In region of kidneys, violent pain when lifting and when blowing the nose.

A slight draught of air is followed by rheumatic pain in neck, stiffness and dulness of head.

Weakness and distress in the region of the uterus, and the uterine displacement; aggravated by the passage of stool and urine.


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