We find the original provings of this remedy in Stapf's Additions to the Materia Medica.It is the Buttercup, or bulbous crowfoot ; the whole fresh plant is used ; gathered in June while in flower.

It acts especially on the muscular tissue and skin, and its most characteristic effects are upon the chest walls, causing pains like pleurodynia. Its symptoms are especially worse from change of weather.

General indications for its employment
Sensation as if painful parts were ulcerated. Aggravation of the troubles in damp weather, and from changes in temperature.

Some diseases in which it may be employed
Dropsy from kidney affections, hemiplegia from apoplexy, and in epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis (Relief of the symptoms from sweat and sleep).

In intercostal rheumatism, with a sharp stitch in the chest, much soreness, and a feeling as if the parts were pounded, worse from every change of weather.

It produces an eruption similar to herpes zoster or shingles, which occurs along the course of nerves ; there are burning vesicles filled with serum and associated with sharp, stitching pains.Corns.

It is found useful in delirium tremens, to calm the maniacal attacks, and in non-syphilitic pemphigus in children.




Bed-sores. Slightest injury causes spasms. Bed-sores form soon in typhoid. Has strong affinity for the tendo Achillis; pain in heel. Red parts become white. Could fall asleep only towards morning. Sciatica during pregnancy, pain < standing and letting the foot rest on the floor. Can stand with the foot resting on a chair or lie down in comfort.

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