Proved by Dr. Burt.
It acts on the female generative organs and on rheumatic states. Its action on the muscular tissue of the uterus (whether gravid or not) is to cause intermittent spasms or contractions (differing from the continuous contractions of Secale).
No other drug produces uterine spasms so markedly except Secale. Bearing-down pains. Paraplegia from disorders of the uterus. Left ovarian and left inframammary pains. Leucorrhœa in little girls. The pains are intermittent and paroxysmal, and fly about from place to place; generally < at night. Great nervous excitement; tremulous weakness over whole body. Can scarcely speak. Sleepless, restless, nervous; recalling the effects of coffee, which is incompatible with it.
Leucorrhœa sharp, acrid, very weakening; with heavy eyelids; of profuse bland mucus; in little girls; with forcing-down pains; with sterility.Threatened abortion; spasmodic bearing-down; severe pain in back and loins, but uterine contractions feeble.Habitual abortion from uterine atony
In rheumatic affections of the small joints and muscles.
"Moth spots" on forehead; with leucorrhœa.
Before menses: pain in small of back; great aching and soreness of lower limbs; bad breath; bitter taste; vertigo; chilliness; flow very scanty; blood very light; with intense nausea and vomiting of yellow bitter matter; pain unremitting for several hours;
habitual cold feet became warm under the remedy.

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