Brachyglottis Repens

Brachyglottis Repens

 "Puka Puka."
Tincture of green leaves and flowers.
N. O. Eupatoriaceæ.

Proved by C. L. Fischer.
The Maories use the leaves to apply to old sores and ulcers.
Horses eating young shrubs lose all power over hind legs and spine.
It causes lassitude; weakness; loss of flesh.
Bright's disease. Dysmenorrhœa.

Albuminuria ( Bovist. , Helon., Merc. cor. , Plumb.)


Crotalus Cascavella

Goitre, constriction. Throat.Feeling of dust in throat; of lump.Burning; constriction; formication. Constrictive pain as if a string were tied round thyroid body. Pain in œsophagus extending to abdomen. Swallowing difficult. Lancinating pains are frequent, and are < by cold washingsGreat desire for snow, without wanting either water or wine. Feeling of coldness in stomach after eating. Sensation of an opening in stomach through which air passes. Each mouthful of food falls suddenly into stomach, like a stone, with pain felt even in the back. Epigastrium sensitive, cannot bear clothing.Violent lancinations in uterus when washing with cold water; terrible lancinations if the water is warm, with weight in uterus. Lancinations like knife-stabs in uterus and anus, esp. when washing with cold water. Intermitting metrorrhagia (vermilion-coloured). Palpitation if any one stands at her r. side. Faintness > in open air. Sensation as if r. hip, from hip to heel, were shortened; this sensation, though illusory, causes him to limp. General coldness, not relieved by energy. Feet icy cold. Smell, like that of the snake; as of a hospital. Itching of tongue.


Crotalus Horridus

The Crotal. patient is readily moved to tears. In one prover perception was so clouded that she was in danger of being run over in the street; and memory was so impaired that on entering a shop she forgot what she had come for.

 Crotal. is preferable in fluid hæmorrhages, yellow skin (hence in yellow fever with black vomit), epistaxis of diphtheria. Naja has more nervous phenomena. Lach. has skin cold-clammy rather than cold and dry; hæmorrhage, with charred-straw sediment; and more markedly ailments of the left side. Elaps. is preferable in otorrhœa and in affections of the right lung. The cobra poison (Naja) coagulates blood into long strings. Crotalus poison is acid; the Viper neutral. The Rotton-snake ["Birri"] causes more sloughing than any other" (Hering). But Hayward observed that sloughing is a strong indication for Crotal., and the cure by this remedy of his own daughter of scarlatina maligna, with gangrenous-looking sore-throat, was a dramatic outcome of his researches. Great sensitiveness of skin of right half of body.

The action on the right side , Crotal. is predominantly a right-side medicine (Lach. is more left); it acts strongly on the liver and corresponds to jaundice and yellow fever. Crotalus has been used with great success in the treatment of yellow fever, and also as a prophylactic against it. Hæmorrhages from all the orifices and even pores of the skin.


Acute pain and sense of oppression at the chest, as though a hot iron had been run in and a hundredweight put on the top of it. Cholera , in the collapse stage, with pulselessness and difficulty of breathing. In heart cases: Depression and lowness about the heart. Frequent sensation of swelling or "choking" ;"grasping at throat" with the choking sensations in the throat. Diphtheria with impending paralysis of heart indicates Naja, but the characteristic left to right direction of Lach. does not appear in the Naja provings. 

Naja has < at night; patient awakens gasping; surface blue.  Great > of pain and breathing by lying on right side. Very sensitive to cold. > By walking in open air; by smoking. Asthma with difficult breathing, <lying down, > sitting up.

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