Rush of blood to the head, especially to the right temple and vertex;
headache everyday; photophobia; lachrymation;
loss of taste; aversion to fat food with rancid or oily taste in mouth.        
Sil. may also cause the absorption through the lymphatics of an effusion of blood in any tissue.
If the reabsorption of a sero-albuminous exudation in a serous sac cannot be effected through Calc. phos., then Sil. may be used; for the delay in the absorption may also be caused by deficiency of Sil. in the subserous connective tissue.
Sil. will also cure chronic arthritic-rheumatic affections, as it forms a soluble combination (Sodium silicate) with the soda of the urate of soda; this combination is then absorbed and removed through the lymphatics. For the same reason it may also be used in renal gravel.
Sil. can also restore the perspiration of the feet when this has been suppressed, and is thus an indirect remedy in diseases arising in consequence of such suppression (e.g., amblyopia, cataract, paralysis, &c.).
Sil. affects the nails, cripples them, and produces inflammation around and under them. "Sensation as if the finger-tips were suppurating".
The skin is unhealthy and every little injury ulcerates. Hands and feet are sweaty, and the sweat is generally offensive. The feet may give off an intolerable odour without any sweat. The head sweats, and this may be offensive. Sil. corresponds perfectly to many cases of rickets: children with large heads; Open fontanelles and sutures; much sweating about the head, which must be kept warm; distended abdomen; weak ankles; slow in learning to walk.

Nervous, irritable persons, with dry skin, profuse saliva, diarrhœa, night-sweats.
Weakly persons, fine skin, pale face, light complexion; lax muscles.
Constitutions which suffer from deficient nutrition due to lack of assimilating power; oversensitive physically and mentally.
Scrofulous children who have worm diseases during dentition.
Stonecutters' ailments (chest affections and total loss of strength.The action of Sil. on the connective tissues may end in new growth as well as in suppuration and ulceration. It has a specific relation to scarred tissue; it cured recurrent cheloid on left temple. Hahnemann gives this symptom in the proving of Sil. "Stitching, aching pain in the spot where an ulcer had been formerly on the leg."
The sensitiveness of Sil. is one of its keynotes, and an over-susceptibility to nervous stimuli is a frequent accompaniment of conditions requiring Sil.
The surface is tender and the least touch is painful.
The senses are morbidly keen. Brain and spine cannot bear even ordinary vibrations. This condition may be caused by losses of fluids as in spermatorrhœa; by over-worked brain. Sil. causes tendency to paralysis and paralytic weakness from defective nutrition of nerves of brain and spinal cord.
Constipation is often an accompaniment of these conditions.
There may be epileptic convulsions. These are < at full and new moon; and < from any overstrain of mind or emotions.
Sil. is indicated in locomotor ataxy when the fingers feel stiff with loss of power in them. There is spinal irritation. The neck is stiff causing headache. The small of the back aches as if beaten. The part of the body lain on goes to sleep.
Chronic headaches may owe their origin to some severe disease of youth. They ascend from the nape of the neck to the vertex, as if coining from the spine, and locate in one eye, especially the right; < from draught of air or uncovering head; > pressure and wrapping head up warmly; > profuse urination.
The vertigo of Sil. ascends from the back of the neck; as if one would fall forward (sometimes backward); < looking up; closing eyes; lying on left side.
The sensitiveness of Sil. comes out in the mental symptoms: "Sensitive to noise; and anxiety there from." "Sensitive, weeping mood." "Yielding, faint-hearted." "Children become obstinate, headstrong; cry when kindly spoken to."
"Fixed ideas: the patients thinks only of pins, fears them, searches for them, and counts them carefully." This symptom enabled me to make a rapid cure of post-influenzal insanity in the case of a man of bad family history, one of whose sisters had become insane and had drowned herself, another sister being affected with lupus.
Sil. has another link with insanity in its aggravation at the moon's phases: epilepsy and sleep walking are < at the new and full moon.
The Sil. patient likes to be magnetised, and is > by it. This is related to the persistent want of vital heat which characterises the Sil. condition; even exercise will not get up any warmth.
"Discharge of blood from the vagina every time the child takes the breast." "nipple is drawn in like a funnel." Always before and during menses there is constipation. The stool is difficult as from inactivity of rectum; with great straining as if rectum was paralysed; when partly expelled recedes again. Fæces remain a long time in rectum.
Feeling of dryness in finger-tips, as if made of paper; at night. (Ant. t. and Sil. have this symptom, but only Sil. in afternoon).
Eyes as if too dry and full of sand. Objects as if in a fog. As if something alive were in ears. Nails as if decayed. As if beaten all over. As if he had lain in an uncomfortable position. The direction of the Sil. action is upward and outward: there are shootings out through eyes and out of ears. The symptoms are: < By touch; contact; combing hair. Binding tightly > headache; but pressure of hat = pain. Pressure <. Rest>. Motion <. Lying down < asthma; = headache. Lying right side < pains in liver. Lying left side = vertigo. Sitting <. Gaping or swallowing > stoppage of ear.
Writing = tonic spasm of hand. Walking <; every step is painfully felt (incarcerated flatus).
Open-air < headache; = lachrymation; burning in back. Cold air (especially on head, eyes, back of neck, back); cold draught; changing linen; uncovering <. < Washing. Change of weather < pain in ears; < pain in limbs.
< Before and during a storm. > Summer.
< Approach of winter. < At new moon; increasing moon (hysteria); and full moon.
> In warm room; by warm wraps. < Mental exertion; talking.
Pain in head > while eating. < after eating.
Milk <; = diarrhœa. Aversion to mother's milk and vomiting whenever taking it.
Drinking cold water = dry cough. Warm drinks. > cough. Averse to warm food.
Incompatible: Merc.;Calc. p. (in rickets when Calc. p. fails), If improvement ceases under Sil. a dose or two of Sul. will set up reaction, and Sil. will then complete the cure.
Sil. is the "chronic" of Puls.
Head-sweat and open fontanelles, Calc. (Sil. lower than Calc. and offensive).
Head must be kept warm, Sanic., Mg. m.
Ailments from suppressed foot-sweat, Cup., Graph., Pso.
Want of vital heat, Led., Sep.
Vertigo as if one would fall forward from looking up, Puls. (from looking down, K. ca., Spi.).
Chronic sick-headaches since some severe disease of youth, Pso.
Headache > pressure and wrapping up warmly, Mg. m., Stron.
Constipation before and during menses (diarrhœa before and during menses, Am. c., Bov).
Partly expelled stool recedes, Thu.
Fistula in ano alternates with chest complaints, Berb., Calc. p.
Somnambulism, Luna, K. bro.
Vaccination: erysipelas, convulsions, diarrhœa, Thu. (Thu. when the fever is high), Apis, Sul., Malan., Vacc., Var.
Cicatrix, fissure of anus, Graph.
Offensive sweat (head, feet, axillæ), Petr.
Aversion to touch, Cin., Hep., Thu., Lach., Asaf. (Asaf., offensive discharge from tissues, "intolerable soreness round the ulcer, cannot bear even the dressing"). Caries, Plat. mur., Ang. (long bones), Stron. c. (femur, with watery diarrhœa), Gettys. (caries with ulcers about joints, discharge excoriating), Calc. (scrofulous subjects; sweat sour rather than offensive; foot-sweat does not excoriate; not sensitive like Sil.).
Sweat of head, body dry (Rhus, sweat of body, head dry).
Last stage of phthisis, Phell.
Perforating ulcers, Nit. ac., K. bi.
Headache ascending from nape, Meny. (bursting; > pressure; not >warmth), Paris (head feels unusually large), Stron. c., Sang. (to right eye), Spi. (to left eye). Clouded sight after headache, Sil. (before headache, K. bi.).
< Damp change, Bar. c.
Foot-sweat, scrofula, rickets, and headache > wrapping warmly, Mg. m.
Catarrhal phthisis, Stn.
Abscess of breast, Fistulæ, necrosis (of jaw), Pho. (Pho. has more erythematous blush and radiating streaks round opening).
Hay-fever, itching at Eustachian orifices, Ars., Rosa, Ran. b.
Nervous exhaustion, Pic. ac.
Chronic suppuration of middle ear, Caps.
Catarrhal diarrhœa, Puls.
Tetanus impending, wound suddenly ceases to discharge, Nux.
Weakness of ankles, Caust., Sul. ac.
< Thunderstorms, Na. c., Pho., Rho., Pet.
< From cold or draught (Fl. ac., > cold applications).
Nausea when fasting, Pul., Lyc. Calc.
Impatient, Cham., Sul.
Motes, persistent speck before right eye (Sul., before left; Macrot., right in morning). "Washed out," but won't give in (Pic. ac., must give in).
Affections of one side of tongue, Calc., Thu. (ulcer right border, Sil., Thu.; left, Apis; left side swollen with loss of speech, Lauro.).
Hungry but cannot get the food down, Sil., Lyc.
Hair-sensation on tongue, Nat. m., K. bi. (on back part).
Children are obstinate, headstrong, cry when spoken kindly to, Iod.
Nipple drawn in like a funnel, Sars.
Unhealthy skin, every little injury suppurates, Graph., Hep., Petr., Merc.
Crippled nails, Ant. c. Ingrowing toenails, Mgt. aust.
Takes cold from exposure of feet, Con., Cup. Takes cold by uncovering head (Bell., by hair-cutting).
Difficulty in holding up head, Ant. t.
Callosities in feet, Ant. c.
< After coitus, K. ca.
Evacuant of foreign bodies, Lobel. i.
Drinking cold water = dry cough (Caust., >).
Ganglion, Benz. ac., Sul.
Chronic and hereditary rheumatism, Led. (but Led. has < by warmth, and symptoms extend from below upward, whilst Sil. affects particularly the shoulders and joints).
Fibroma, Nat. sf. Cheloid and scars, Thios. Homesickness, Caps., Ph. ac. Brachial neuralgia, Calc.
Causation: Vaccination. Stone-cutting. Loss of fluids. Injury. Strains. Splinters. Foreign bodies.        

Silica is useful in: Abdomen, distended. Abscess. Acne. Anæmia. Ankles, weak. Anus, fissure of; fistula of. Appetite, depraved. Back, weakness of. Boils. Bones, necrosis of. Brain, concussion of. Brain-fag. Breast, sinuses in. Bunion. Cancer. Carbuncle. Cataract. Cellulitis. Cheloid. Chin, eruptions on. Cicatrix. Circulation, feeble. Coccygodynia. Conjunctivitis, phlyctenular. Constipation. Coryza. Cough. Debility. Dentition. Diabetes. Ear, affections of. Elephantiasis. Enchrodroma. Enuresis. Epilepsy. Eruptions. Excrescences. Eyes, affections of. Feet, burning; perspiring. Fester. Fibroma. Fistula. Foot-sweat; suppressed. Foreign bodies, expulsion of. Fractures. Ganglion. Gastric catarrh. Glandular swellings. Headache. Hernia. Hip-joint disease. Homesickness. Housemaid's knee. Hydrocele. Hypopion. Irritation. Jaw, caries of. Joints, sinovitis of. Lachrymal fistula. Lactation. Locomotor ataxy. Mania. Meningitis. Metrorrhagia. Miscarriage. Molluscum contagiosum. Molluscum fibrosum. Morphœa. Morvan's disease. Nails, diseased. Necrosis. Neuralgia. Nodes. Nose, tip, redness of. Panaritium. Parametritis. Perspiration, offensive. Phimosis. Pleurisy. Prepuce, eruption on. Psoas abscess. Pylorus, suppuration of. Rheumatism; chronic; hereditary. Rickets. Sinuses. Somnambulism. Spermatorrhœa. Spinal irritation. Strains. Strangury. Suppuration. Teeth, caries of. Tenesmus. Trachea. Tumours. Ulcers. Urethra, stricture of. Urine, incontinence of. Vaccination. Vagina, spasms of. Vertigo. Walking, delay in. Whitlow. Worms. Writer's cramp.


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