Antidoted by: Acon., Camph., Coff., Nux v.

Many of Glonoinum's symptoms resemble those of sunstroke ; fever and inflammation are lacking ; there is a tendency to violent and sudden irregularities of circulation ; all symptoms worse from being in the sun.

Confusion of place ; patient forgets where he lives ; well known places seem strange.

General difference between Glonoine and Belladonna are these : Glonoine is relieved from uncovering ; the headache is worse from bending the head backwards ; is relieved in the open air ; cannot keep still ; must walk about ; no flushing of the face. Belladonna is worse from uncovering ; better from bending the head backwards ; worse in the open air, and better by holding the head still ; face flushed.

Glonoine in sunstroke
Face pale, full, round pulse, labored respiration, eyes fixed, cerebral vomiting, white tongue, sinking at the pit of the stomach.

Heart symptoms of Glonoine
Feeling of fullness in the region of the heart ; palpitation with pulsation over the whole body ; violent beating as if chest would burst open ; radiating pains.

Tendency to sudden and violent irregularities of the circulation.
It acts very quickly and very violently.
The characteristic neuralgias of Glon. are accompanied with much throbbing, and are often < at night, preventing sleep.
Supra-orbital neuralgia, pulsating; retinal congestion from exposure to strong light. Facial neuralgia, extending through head.
Cardiac neuralgia (angina pectoris) with radiating pains.
Glon. is suited to "Troubles of the head in type-setters, and in men who work under a gas-light steadily, so that the heat falls on the head; bad results from sunstroke; can't bear any heat about the head; can't walk in the sun, must walk in the shade or carry an umbrella; can't bear heat from a stove; great vertigo on assuming an upright posture, from rising up in bed, rising from a seat.
Heat in the head; throbbing headache." The great sensitiveness to the least jar, which is a very marked feature of the Glon. headache, causes the patient to carry his head very carefully in order to avoid the chance of it.
The headache is in the whole head and every part─forehead, vertex, occiput.
The Glonoine patient is also worse from wine and from stimulants, and from mental application. When the headache is on he cannot think, and he cannot write. An additional hindrance to writing is that he trembles so that he cannot write. Trembling and throbbing of the fingers so that he is unable to do his work or perform any delicate work with the fingers or hands.
Headache < from the weight of the hat (is a very common aggravation in headaches in school children; Agar., calc-p., Carb-v., crot-t., glon., lach.,,Nit-ac., sil., valer.). < from wine and the < from lying down.
Effects of sunstroke; heat on head, as in type-setters and workers under gas and electric light. Head heavy, but cannot lay it on pillow. Cannot bear any heat about head.
Sensation as if something were moving in nerves from back of neck upward to head.
Aversion to bright light; black spots before sight.
Face flushed or pale.
Climacteric disturbances.
Fainting, sudden unconsciousness; convulsions, especially during labour.
Nausea and vomiting of cerebral origin.
Violent, stabbing, neuralgic pains, so violent as to make patient frantic, he wants to escape, to jump out of window.
Bad effects of fear; horrible apprehension; fear of being poisoned.
A characteristic mental condition is loss of sense of location: "well-known streets seem strange to him."
Noise in left ear as if it came from heart.
Lower lip feels swollen.
As if heart would rise to throat.
Pains are: Bursting; throbbing; pulsative; tearing; piercing; stabbing; gnawing. Burning between shoulders.
Sitting or lying still, or walking in cold air > headache.
Bending forward; bending head backward, and almost every movement < headache.
Rest < pain in knee.
Excessive heat and cold = hyperæmia of brain.
Heat generally <; cold applications and cool air >;
but cold water applied to head < head symptoms, even = spasms.
< Damp weather.
Bad effects of having hair cut; of exposure to sun or fire heat.
All summer, headache < every day with the sun.
< From wine.
Pains from within outward; from front to back.
Bad effect of too much riding or driving; sea-sickness; < from jarring.
Pressure > headache.
Cannot bear weight of hair; clothing seems too tight.
Suited to: Florid, plethoric, sensitive women; nervous, sanguine, readily affected persons.
Old scars break out again.

Act. r. (waving in brain);
Petrol. and Crotal. h. (loss of location);
Bell. (cephalic cry but not as marked in Bell.; also Bell. has > bending head back, and > covering head;
Glon. > uncovered);
Apis, Hyo. (fears being poisoned);
Gels. (inclination to jump out of window);
Stram. Sang. (headache with the sun; ear sensitive to jar);
Nit. ac. and Bell. (sensitiveness to jar);
Melilot. (headache with crimson face)
Lyc. and Phos. (burning between shoulders);
Dig. and Diosc. (headache extending into nose);
Sec. (fingers spread apart).

Causation: Sun. Bright snow. Fire-heat. Fear or fright. Jarring. Injuries.


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