Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease

Illustration of the Parkinson's disease by Sir William Richard Gowers from A Manual of Diseases of the Nervous System in 1886

My mother after my fathers death in December 2009(probably you are talking about December2008 or 2007) she was in depression after two months after she fell down from bike slowly . First aid Doctor after verifying found no injuries on head but it was turning period and since two years she was diagnosed by different doctors and now she is trated for Psychosis and Parkinson's disease as we complained that severe shivering in hands .

I strongly feel that the treatment is not to satisfaction level

She is Normal and can understand all what we are telling only she fears of next coming day, As the sun raises her restlessness and anxiety rises . she is normal in evenings. She checks time every 10 minutes and request watch to stop. She is so restless that She moves to nearby beach & railway station but with all required accessories Purse , mobile, slippers etc. I am able to convince her and bring her back home within one hour.

Now major problem is she want to go out so that i can lead a peaceful life as she feels she is unable to cook food, wash clothes for me.

Please suggest as the tablets are not working and i am unable to bear the pain she is going through.

Already ECT was done for seven times as per doctors advice in last 4 months march april 2009 6 sittings and one in june 2009

She continuously taken all medicine for more than six months but no relief.

Now I am deciding my self and varying Dose of all medicine and combination on experimental basis so that she can get comfort.

At present Escitalopram oxalate tablet 10mg now still continued ( She was using Cipralex one year before my father expired, and she really came out of depression and she was normal.)

trihexyphenidyl hydrochloride-2 Mg discontinued by me for parkinsons medicine .She is unable to move or getup from bed and walks like robot.

Clozapine 50MG-discontinued by me. She becomes drowsy and speaks unrelated topic.

Amisulpride-discontinued by me after taking she continuously "what she has to do ?

Medicines Suggested

Although I have not seen the patient but from the symptoms you gave it appears that the following medicines may help a lot:
Purchase Reckeweg or Schwabe medicines for best result

Medorrhinum 1M  (1 drop in a spoon of water every fortnight )

Kali Phos 3X        (4 tablets every two hours - put the tablets on the tongue and let them dissolve slowly)

Pulsatilla 30             {1 drop in a spoon of water daily in the morning}

Sabal Ser-Q           [20 drops in a spoon of water four times a day]


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