Backache during pregnancy where the pain is in the sacro-iliac synchondroses, and that part of the back gives out, compelling her to sit.

Calcarea fluorica

Backache simulating spinal irritation ; pain in the lower part of the back with a fulness or burning pain.

Lumbago worse on beginning to move, and relieved by continued motion.

Lumbago from strains.

Kalium phosphoricum

There is rheumatic lameness of the back, which is worse after rest and on just commencing to move ; they are especially worse on rising from a sitting position ; there seems to be a paralytic tendency.

Rhus tox has these same symptoms.

Sulphur has stiffness in the lumbar region with a sudden loss of power or attempting to move.

Oxalic acid

Acute pain in the back extending down the thighs, relieved by change of posture : the back feels too weak to support the body ; the pains are worse when thinking of them.


Intense burning pains in the spine between the scapulae ; the dorsal spines are very sensitive.


Pain in hack on attempting to rise ; rheumatic pains in the back and stiff neck from sitting in a draft ; the lumbago is a condition which may not be relieved by motion and still indicate Rhus.

Cobalt, Zincum, Sepia, and Cannabis ind. have Backache worse while sitting.


There is a stiffness of the back as after sitting a long time.

Staphisagria and Kalium carbonica have pains in the lumbar region compelling the patient to get up and walk about.

Petroleum and Ruta are useful for rheumatic pains in the back which are worse in the morning before rising.

Anacardium and Conium have a stiff back which is worse when first beginning to move.

Secale is a remedy for a sudden kink or catch in the back.

Nux vomica has the symptom that the patient cannot turn over in bed without first sitting up on account of rheumatic pains in back.

Backache of Nux

In the lumbar region ; worse at night when lying in bed ; cannot turn over without sitting up ; lumbago.

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