At the commencement when due to checked perspiration.

It mitigates the dry cough, lessens the fever and prevents extension of capillary congestion.


There is tickling in the larynx and a dry, hacking cough, which is paroxysmal ; dryness and tightness in the upper part of the chest, worse evenings and at night, the larynx is sore and hot.

Natrum muriaticum

In chronic bronchial catarrhs, winter coughs and asthma, where there is a profuse secretion of mucus.

Ammonium carb

Where there is copious accumulation of mucus in the lungs.

The patient is weak, coughs continually, but raises little.

There is congestive fulness and rawness of the chest with discharge of bluish, slate colored mucus, and rattling of large bubbles of mucus in the chest.


Deep hollow dry cough, with pain in the chest, especially under sternum.

Rattling in chest when coughing, with soreness.

Tightness of chest ; must take a deep breath, often involuntary spurting of urine when coughing.

Balsam Peru, and Pix liquida are useful for bronchial Catarrh with profuse expectoration.


Pressure over sternum, great dyspnoea, dry cough, seeming to start from stomach, worse after a meal ; pains in sides.

Carbo vegetabilis

Evening hoarseness, with rawness and scraping in the larynx and trachea ; oppression of chest ; bronchitis in old people when there is a loose rattling in the chest on coughing or breathing.

Profuse yellow, fetid expectoration ; bronchial hemorrhage.


There is a dry spasmodic cough, ending in choking and gagging, and a tickling which extends from the larynx to the extremities of the bronchi ; coarse rales all over the chest, with violent paroxysms of coughing and retching, face pale and great dyspnoea ; incessant cough with every breath.

Antimonium tart.

Fine rales, but very little cough, increased dyspnoea, weakness and drowsiness ; the chest seems full of mucus, but they cannot cough it up.
Great accumulation of mucus in the air passages with coarse rattling and inability to expectorate.
Face very pale or cyanotic from unoxidized blood.
Great coma or sleepiness in many complaints.
Vomiting, intense nausea with prostration, coldness and cold sweat and sleepiness.
Trembling internal and head and hands.
Thick eruptions like pocks often pustular ; as large as a pea.
Modalities: > from expectoration.

Baryta carbonica has a similar symptom to the latter, and is especially applicable to old people.


Capillary bronchitis following measles or whooping cough with hepatic symptoms, oppression of the chest, fan-like motion of the alae nasi, and one hot and one cold foot.

The cough is loose and rattling, and the expectoration is not easily raised.

Lycopodium has as characteristics a fan-like motion of the alae nasi, a hot foot and a cold one.

Kalium bichromicum

Bronchitis, especially if glands be involved.

The expectoration is of thick, tenacious, viscid mucus ; it can be drawn into strings to the feet ; worse from eating ; relieved when warm in bed ; croupy cough, hoarseness, with pains in the epigastrium.

Kalium carbonicum

Intense dyspnoea, cough worse at two or three in the morning ; there are stitching pains through the lower part of the right lung, accompanied by puffiness of the face ; much mucus on chest ; the expectoration is difficult and tenacious, or of small round lumps.

Kalium sulphuricum

There is a cough, with great rattling of mucus on the chest ; the cough is worse in a warm room, and relieved in the cool, open air.

The rattling may occur with or without much cough.


Where the smaller tubes are affected, much mucus, rales, rattling breathing, cough and dyspnoea ; expectoration yellowish and thick ; right lung more affected.


Cough worse on going from warm into cold air.

Dry, tickling cough, caused by laryngeal or sub-sternal irritation ; tearing pain under sternum, as if something were torn loose.

Suffocative pressure across upper part of the chest.

Expectoration is yellowish and blood streaked.

It is largely the bronchial symptoms that indicate Phosphorus in pneumonia.


Burning in the chest ; dry, hacking cough and feeling of dryness in the air passages.

Oppression of breathing and a tenacious, difficult expectoration, which is apt to be rust colored ; there are also sharp stitching pains through the right lung.


Chronic bronchitis where there is a large accumulation.

of thick muco-pus.

Patient has suffocative spells.

Loud rales through the chest.

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