Stools looking like chopped spinach.

Febrile conditions.

Argentum nitr 

Green, slimy stools with noisy flatus, worse at night, in thin, dried up children, who look like mummies.


Stools undigested, worse after eating or drinking and after midnight, with rapid emaciation and weakness.


In yellowish-green stools, containing lumps looking like casein.

Erethism and tendency to cerebral trouble.


Watery, offensive and painless stool with much rumbling in bowels during stool.

After stool child is exhausted.

Much gagging, but child only vomits when stomach is full.


Craving for eggs ; milk disagrees ; it is vomited in cakes and curds ; milk is sometimes passed in this condition also.

Diarrhoea worse towards morning, of green, undigested, watery, sour stools.

Calcarea phos

Here there is craving for bacon and ham ; there is great emaciation ; the stools are green, slimy and accompanied with much flatus.

Croton tiglium

Yellow, watery stools ; a little pain, then forcible expulsion and aggravation from eating or drinking.

Ferrum phosphoricum

Frequent, watery stools ; child becomes rapidly reduced and falls into a stupor.

Elaterium has watery, olive green stools coming out with a gush.


In the commencement ; nausea and vomiting of every thing eaten or drunk ; stools green or yellow and liquid, and covered with mucus and blood.


Absence of pain ; stools are watery, profuse, come out with a gush ; loathing of food ; worse in morning.


Aethusa stools are without odor, and vomiting does not prevent the child from nursing or feeding, which is opposite to Podophyllum.


Nervous and restless at night ; awake frightened or cry out during sleep.

Diarrhoea ; profuse, watery stools, dark brown, even black ; very offensive ; almost putrid ; worse at night.


Diarrhoea worse towards morning ; ravenous hunger ; greenish, watery, offensive stools ; flabby abdomen.


Profuse, watery stools, preceded by abdominal pain and followed by great prostration.


Child cross and fretful, wants to be carried ; greenish-yellow stool ; colic, child draws up its knees ; moaning in sleep.


Watery, undigested stool, which is profuse and pain-less ; rapid emaciation ; worse after eating.

Green, frothy or yellow stools, or bloody with straining and desire to sit after stool.


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