In household daily work we find bad effects of and troubles resulting from overwork both mental and physical, here are some useful remedies which my be helpful and should be there in our home kit.

-  Distracted and incapable of mental exertion from much mental work of different kinds in rapid succession. Students' inability to think, to fix the attention. Brain fag. Examination fear in students.

MONTANA - Muscular fatigue. Restores the power of exhausted muscle. Fatigue of people having to travel a great deal (any mode of transport), air-travelers, pilots.

ALBUM - Any little exertion exhausts, fatigue, great debility. Great exhaustion after the slightest exertion. Seaside complaints (Nat mur; Aqua Marina). Fear fright and worry. Craves milk.

PERENNIS - Overwork. It is a princely remedy for old laborers, especially gardeners. (Burnett)

ALBA - Pains in the limbs resulting from miss-step. Pain in small of back due to over lifting, < motion , > rest. Sulphur if Bryonia fails.

OFFICINALIS - Confusion , pain in the forehead , languor, feeling of sinking and sleeplessness.

INDICUS - Overstrain both mental and physical. A daughter nursing his suffering father becomes worn out by anxiety worry and loss of sleep. Troubles resulting from vexation, anxiety and prolonged loss of sleep.

CRUDA - Fatigue due to taking no food for long time. The drinking of coffee by the aged is likely to increase production of uric acid, causing irritation of kidneys; muscle and joint pains, and with the increased susceptibility of old people to the stimulating action of coffee and tea, their use should be curtailed or carefully watched.

VOMICA - Un-refreshing sleep,  lassitude, headache, restlessness, irritability.

PRATENSIS - Stomach disturbed, resulting from miss-step.

TOXICODENDRON - Pains in the joints and muscles from lifting heavy weights, from violent physical exertion. When any sudden exertion (carrying heavy loads, lifting, etc.) produces pain in  muscles. Headache on account of over exertion (Calc-cb if Rhus tox fails or gives partial relief). Pains in the limbs resulting from miss-step. < on beginning to move, > continued motion.

OFFICINALE - Pricking pain and soreness of periosteum from miss-step.

ALBUM - While wrestling / climbing (a high fence or tree) overstrains result and s/he feels sick at stomach.



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