Barber's Itch

Barber's Itch

ANATHERUM MURICATUM - Ulcers, scabs, or scaly herpes; falling off of eyebrows and beard.


RHUS TOXICODENDRON - Barber's itch, Rhus tox is an excellent remedy here.(LACHESIS)

GRAPHITES - Cracks with thick sticky discharge. Much itching. Bald spots on sides of head. Head sweats easily.

Mezerium, Calc.carb., Nitric acid, Aurum met and Sulphur iodadum when the symptoms correspond.

RANUNCULUS BULBOSUS - Burning , itching. Vesicles of bluish color. < in open air.

SPHINGURUS - Hair falling out (head; beard); failing out of the hair, of whiskers especially.

- Barber's itch. Dread of bathing.


Viola Tricolor

The brain shakes when walking. Impetigo of the hairy scalp and face. Thick incrustations, pouring out a large quantity of thick, yellow fluid, which mats the hair. Eruption over face (except eyelids) and behind ears, with burning, itching, < at night, a thick, hard scab formed, cracked here and there, from which a tenacious yellow pus exuded, and hardened into a substance like glue. Tinea capitis with frequent involuntary urination. Eczema with urinary disturbances; too copious urination; or sudden arrest of secretion. Urine smelling like cat's urine. Heat in face at night in bed, sometimes semilateral, and in cheek on which patient is not lying.Heat and perspiration of face after eating. Thickness and hardness of skin of face. Scabs on face with burning itching, esp. at night, and running of a yellow and viscid pus; also behind ears. Dry scabs over the whole body; when they are scratched they exude yellow water. Eruption on chin.

Calcarea Carbonica

Barber's itch. Itching and eruption on the face, chiefly on the forehead, in the cheeks, and in the region of the whiskers, sometimes humid and scabby, with burning heat (sycosis menti). Ephelis on the cheeks. Cold, clammy feet, as if there were damp stockings on. Sulphur has hot, sweaty feet. The sinking sensation is most marked with Sulphur at 11 a.m., with Lycopod. at 4 p.m., with Calcarea at any time. Like many of the other carbonates, Calc. carb. corresponds to persons of soft fibre with tendency to be fat. "This remedy is particularly adapted to the real Leucophlegmatic Constitution. Where we find a large head, large features, pale skin, with a chalky look, and (in infants) open fontanelles, we may think strongly of Calc. c." (Guernsey). It is a chilly remedy, the patient seeking warmth, whilst the Sulphur patient is < by heat, and > by cold.

Ephelis ( Freckles)

Lentigo, like Ephe-lis, consists in small pigmented macules, but they do not appear to be due to solar influence, they are found on the covered as well as uncovered portions of the body, and do not undergo changes of hue during the different seasons. They are probably a localized excess of true pigment located in the deepest cells of the stratum Malpighii, while in Ephelis the discoloration is much more superficial.Freckles are small pigmented macules which appear on the face, hands, and other exposed portions of skin during the warm weather, in those who are exposed to the direct rays of the sun. The active co-operation of this luminary in the production of Ephelis is well recognized, but why they should appear in abundance on the faces of some and not on others, is not known. It is generally supposed to denote a peculiarly delicate skin, but this explanation is not wholly warranted by the facts. Of three persons exposed at the same time and to the same solar influence, one may freckle, a second tan, and the third burn. Freckles are perhaps most frequently seen in blondes, but are by no means rare in brunettes, and we have even seen them in mulattoes. The color of the freckle itself varies in different persons, from a light yellow to a deep brown or blackish brown. As a rule, the degree of pigmentation of the freckle is in direct ratio with the normal degree of pigmentation in the individual bearing them; that is, blondes usually have light colored freckles, and brunettes darker ones. Freckles usually appear at about the season when one naturally seeks the shady side of the street or road, continue in full efflorescence during the summer, and fade away as cooler weather sets in. Individual susceptibility, however, differs greatly in this respect, both as to the number of freckles and the date of the appearance; and in some they may be faintly perceived even in winter, to become more marked as the spring and summer advance.

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