Teucrium Marum Verum

Teucrium Marum Verum
    (Teucr. - Cat-Thyme.)

Complementary: Calc-c.

Teucrium marum verum is Cat Thyme, tincture from the fresh plant is made just before coming into bloom.

Tearing in the limbs, especially in the bones and joints.
The limbs go to sleep. Nervous, trembling, irritable sensation in the whole body.
About noon general sensation of debility. Desire for the open air which does not fatigue him but improves the condition.
Staggering when walking. Tingling in the nose. Suppurating grooves in the nails. Useful in worms. Great irritability and nervous excitement, with trembling (sensation in whole body), and dizziness. Staggering when walking; when walking, placing one foot over another. Numbness and tingling in limbs. Great desire for exercise in open air. Itching shootings in different parts.One of the strongest characteristics of this remedy is, patients can't sleep at night on account of an intense itching at the anus (which may be produced by ascarides), causing him to toss and roll about all night, the itching lasts all night. Hiccough; flatus in general. Very dry skin; entire absence of perspiration. Affections in general of the finger-tips; joints of the toes. Concussion (brain). Injuries likely to set up tetanus.
BETTER: Open air. Sweat.
Over-sensitive and excitable. Delicate and sensitive. Internal tremor; < excitement. Sleepless, after excitement. Crawling in nose; must pick it; side lain on closes; lumpy discharge. Polypi. Anosmia. Atrophic catarrh. Mouldy taste in throat, on hawking or coughing. Itching of palate and ears. Solid lumps from posterior nares. Follicular pharyngitis. Itching anus; prevents sleep. Pinworms. Cough, < coughing. Ingrown nails.
Almost irresistible inclination to sing (after some hours).
Peevish mood during and soon after dinner, with so great irritability that he was greatly offended by the conversation of others that did not concern him; with pressure in the forehead.
A sensation in the right nostril as if it were partly stopped; he was obliged to blow the nose and sneeze, but could not thereby remove the obstruction.
A feeling of hunger, that prevents falling asleep (relieved by Ignatia). An unusual sensation of hunger, as if the stomach was not properly filled and satisfied by food; for several days.
Frequent, very violent hiccough.
Very frequent emission of noiseless but very warm flatus, often of a "hepatic" odor .
Increased discharge of watery urine.
Restless at night on account of great excitement, with very vivid and in part anxious dreams, with starting up till after midnight.
Frequent feeling of flushing heat in the face, without external redness.
Catarrh, with expectoration of solid chunks from the posterior nares ; nasal polypi.
A useful remedy in ascarides with sensation of creeping and crawling in the rectum, worse from warmth of bed.

Tumor of the lower lid (Staph.).

A useful remedy in ascarides with sensation of creeping and crawling in the rectum, worse from warmth of bed.
Ascarides always < night in warmth of bed.

Catarrh, with expectoration of solid chunks from the posterior nares ; nasal polypi.Polypus in the nose, with all the symptoms which would naturally accompany such a tumor, obstruction, catarrh, pain in forehead and nose, etc; numerous cases have been reported cured.Polypus of the vagina.

Otalgia, with lancinating pains.

Rheumatism in the arms.

Teucrium Marum Verum is useful in: Anus, itching of. Eyelids, tumour of. Fibroma. Hiccough. Ingrowing toenail. Nose, catarrh of. Polypus. Psoriasis. Rheumatism. Urethra, excrescences in. Worms.

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