History of skin troubles in winter; skin troubles getting worse in winter; feels hungry during night , may have to rise and eat otherwise cannot sleep; motion/car sickness; if you have faced such symptoms in your life and now in advancing age you find problem in reading without glasses Petroleum 30 one drop in morning every week may improve your vision and may prevent development of cataract; if some old person having similar history fells ill and tells you that he/she feels that his/her death is near and affairs should be settled quickly, desires to call dear ones and also the family advocate to final the will then you may find a great friend in PETROLEUM 1m given few drops in water may improve or avert the disease. In old persons there is great help for joint troubles in Petroleum if we find cracking in joints.

Confusion of mind and dizziness; he is dazed so that he loses his way in the street.
She has strange imaginations that there are people near her who are not present; that the atmosphere is full of strange forms; that her limbs are double; that another person is in the bed with her (fevers, typhoid, diarrhea). A woman after childbirth imagines there is another child in bed with her, and she wonders how she will take care of the two. In and low forms of sickness, when just awakening he is in confusion; in his dreams he had the idea of being two or more and the impression remains with him while he is in a semi-conscious state. He cannot reconcile the state, but when aroused to consciousness he is able to reason it away, and when semi-conscious again it returns. This annoys him day and night.

There is a special tendency to produce vesicular eruptions about the back of the neck. Papular, pustular, vesicular,  moist; eruptions which extend deeply. It builds up eruptions on the site of old eruptions, with an increasing hardness in the base of the old eruption.

It is suitable when there are cracks about the ends of the fingers and on the backs of the hands.
He can not rest until he scratches the skin off, when the part becomes moist, bloody, raw and inflamed.
There is also itching with no visible eruption. He scratches the skin until moisture oozes forth, and keeps on scratching until the skin bleeds and the part becomes cold.

Coldness in spots is quite a feature of this remedy. Coldness in spots; coldness in the stomach, in the abdomen, in the uterus; coldness in a spot between the scapula; coldness in the heart - sensation as if the heart were cold.
Herpetic eruptions about the mouth (Nat. m.), about the genitals, lips, face, and the patches become crusty and ooze much.

The mucous membrane, or internal skin, has little patches of ulcers, with induration about the patch, and hence Petr. is useful in syphilitic ulcers. Ulcerous patches in the throat; aphthous patches in the mouth. There is inflammation of the mucous membranes everywhere, producing watery and finally thick yellow discharges.
The nose is filled by tumefaction of the Schneiderian membrane. Old catarrhal complaints of the nose, crusts, thick yellow discharge, foetid odor from the nose.
The nose, posterior nares and pharynx become thickened and there is an accumulation of thick mucus, especially in the morning.

The larynx is involved and there is loss of voice, and the trouble extends to the chest, causing a catarrhal condition with cough. He coughs especially at night, and there is emaciation of the body with pain and soreness of the chest. Dry, hacking cough, alternating with copious expectoration; emaciation about the chest.

Cough is worse at night, and the diarrhea is worse during the day.
He cannot eat without pain, but he has a gnawing hunger which drives him to eat. (Lach., Graph.)
There is an "all-gone," hungry feeling after stool, which drives him to eat.
With the diarrhea there is constant hunger, yet he cannot eat without pain; emaciation, skin eruptions, unhealthy ragged fingers which never look clean; he cannot wash them, as this causes them to chap.

Itching is common to the internal skin, itching in the posterior half of the urethra with the discharge (gonorrhea). It almost drives him wild, keeps him awake at night. He rubs and manipulates the perineum to relieve this itching. The gonorrheal discharge is white or yellow. Also in the early stages of gonorrhea when the itching is troublesome.
Sore bruised feeling all over the body, especially in the joint Rheumatic pain in the joints on motion; sore to touch; sensation as if bruised. It is analogous to Arnica in relation to bruises.

Petroleum is suitable in old stubborn occipital headaches. Silicea is the routine remedy for offensive foot sweat and periodic occipital headaches. Petroleum has also offensive foot sweat; offensive sweats all over, and especially so in the axilla, where it is so pungent that it can be observed on the patient entering the room.
Petroleum is  related to  Graphites and Carbo veg., which are carbonaceous substances; and all carbonaceous products affect the back of the head.
Vertigo which comes  when on ship-board, or riding in a carriage, or on the cars.

Awful deathly nausea pallor, cold body, profuse sweat and exhaustion, ameliorated by fanning, by the open air, by closing the eyes, by quiet and darkness, and aggravated by warmth ( Tabacum ).
Itching deep in the ear. He rubs the ear and tries to it, but he cannot reach it.
Induration and inflammation of the glands of the body. In ear troubles, the parotids enlarge; in troubles about the jaw, the sub-maxillary and sub-lingual glands are involved; they become hard and tend to remain so.
Stiffness in the back. Pain in the back on rising from a seat.
Heat and burning. Skin hot in places; with sensation of coldness. Feet burn and have a sensation as if frozen. Chilblains itch, burn and become purple. Parts frozen will, years after, itch, burn, sting and become red and hot. The patient can tell when it will thaw because of the itching in the chilblains.
Petroleum cures the itching and burning in frozen parts, but Agaricus leads all other remedies, especially when the condition affects parts where the tissues are thin over the bones, as over the back of the toes.
Paretic conditions, especially left-sided., Weakness of muscles, weakness of the lower extremities, especially left-sided.

Oozing in Petroleum is thin and watery, and in Graphites it is gluey, honey like, sticky, viscid.
It is of wonderful use and competes with Rhus in eczema of the genitals of either male or female. Eruption on the scrotum, penis, vulva.
Petroleum and Rhus are the most common remedies for eruptions on the scrotum and genitals.
Sweat and moisture of external genitals of both sexes.
Women in run-down health, the nipples inflame and become oversensitive to the touch of clothing.
Very sensitive to change of weather, like Phos. and Rhod.; aggravated before a thunder storm. Often sensitive to air and cold. Lean, emaciated subjects; threatening consumption. Eruptions disappear of themselves or are suppressed. Hands and feet burn; wants the palms and soles out of bed.
[Sulphur  the soles burn,  Silicea the feet sweat.]
Sweating of single parts. Eruptions in patches. Itching in patches. Coldness in parts. Complaints come in single parts.
Offensiveness is about the feet and in the axillae.


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