Insect bites

What if you get stung by an insect?

In our daily life we face insect bites occasionally. It is troublesome if a child is stung or if the person is allergic. If a person is stung by an insect on the throat, particularly if there is a known sensitivity to stings, the throat will swell quickly and cause choking. Give him or her cold water [put few drops of'LEDUM PALUSTRE (LEDUM) 30' in it] to drink or an ice-cube to suck. If the breathing becomes difficult call a doctor immediately.

Keep 'LEDUM PALUSTRE (LEDUM) 30' in your home kit , it is very useful  if anyone in your family gets stung by an insect.


Put 5 drops of it in a cup of water, stir it well , give a spoonful (2-5 ml) of it every 5 or 10 minutes till the patient starts feeling relief, then increase the interval between the doses. Stop the medicine after recovery.


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