Dulcamara diarrhœa : Yellow, watery diarrhœa in damp weather, or in summer, when the weather suddenly cools ; mucous, green or changeable stools of sour odor. Diarrhœa from repelled eruptions.

Dulcamara produces an eruption of large wheals, and it is useful in such if brought on by digestive troubles with aggravation from cold air.

Dulcamara in female organs: Suppressed menses from damp weather, and a rash on the skin just previous to menstruation.

Dulcamara cough : A spasmodic cough with a profuse secretion of mucus, easy to raise and generally tasteless. The coughing spells are long and damp weather aggravates. Loose coughs.

Dulcamara effect on the nervous system: Paralysis from lying on the damp ground ; paralysis of the bladder or of any part of the body which is brought on or made worse by damp weather.

Dulcamara and Rhus tox both have relief from motion, aggravation from rest, and from cold, wet applications. Dulcamara is irritable, Rhus anxious and depressed. In Dulcamara the swollen glands are painless, in Rhus painful. In Dulcamara the menses are late, scanty and too short. In Rhus too soon, profuse and long. Dulcamara worse before midnight, Rhus worse all night.

Dulcamara is useful in complaints worse from cold, damp weather, and from sudden changes to cold, and affections so brought on or made worse.

Dulcamara has a specific relation to the skin, glands and digestive organs ; also acts on mucous membranes and muscular tissue, producing catarrhal and rheumatic complaints.

Dulcamara is useful in : Adenitis. Angina faucium. Aphonia. Bladder, affections of. Blepharophthalmia. Catarrh. Cholera. Crusta lactea. Diarrhœa. Dropsy. Dysentery. Emaciation. Exostoses. Hæmorrhage. Hæmorrhoids. Hay-fever. Headache. Herpes. Influenza. Irritation. Lichen. Lumbago. Measles. Meningitis. Myalgia. Myelitis. Nettle-rash. Neuralgia. Ophthalmia. Paralyses. Pemphigus. Rheumatism. Scarlatina. Scrofula. Stammering. Stiff-neck. Thirst. Tibiæ, pains in. Tongue, affections of. Tonsillitis. Tumours. Typhoid. Urine, difficulty in passing; incontinence of. Warts. Whooping-cough.

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