It is Ambergris, which is found floating on the ocean, and is supposed to be derived from the whale. The genuine gray Ambergris is triturated.

In Ambra there is defective reaction from nervous weakness.

Difficult to think or understand.

Vivid fancies which cannot be got rid of.


Especially nervous in the presence of strangers.

Ambra suits to thin, scrawny women, with obstinate constipation. Epistaxis, mornings in bed, or during the menses.

Ambra is useful for persons who are debilitated either by age or overwork, who are anaemic, sleepless, have twitching of the muscles.

Tearing pains, especially in the joints, mostly one-sided.

Cramps and twitchings of muscles.

The hair falls out and the scalp is sensitive on touching the hair.

Roaring and whistling ; one-sided deafness.

Feeling of numbness all over in the morning.

Useful for old persons, or for sickly-looking people.

The symptoms arise during sleep and are > by rising.

Relief on slowly moving in the open air and on lying on the painful part.

Ambra cough is worse when strangers are present. Nervous spasmodic cough, with frequent eructations, distress about the heart, etc. These coughs are of a nervous king, paroxysmal, cough especially on waking in the morning, ending with violent eructations; the chest becomes very sore to external touch, the cough is aggravated by the presence of people; it may be hollow and barking, but the eructations are particularly characteristic.

Forgetfulness and hurry ; the patient does everything in a hurry ; time passes slowly.

General action of AMBRA GRISEA is on the nervous system, producing many symptoms resembling hysteria ; it is especially a useful remedy in many affections of hysterical females.

In Ambra sleeplessness is due to worry about business matters, with spasms and twitching of the muscles, especially in thin, spare, nervous men.

Itching and crawling in the anus and rectum.

Ineffectual urging to stool, aggravated by presence of people.


Blood with a stool, that may not be hard.

Frequent micturition at night, urine copious.

Urine turbid, sediment brown, odor sour.

Febrile flushes or simple flushes of heat, without rise of temperature.

Sweat of one side (the one affected).

Sweat on abdomen, on thighs.

Sweat after midnight.

Ambra is useful in: Anus, irritation of. Asthma. Bashfulness. Brain, softening of. Cardiac asthma. Convulsions. Cough. Deafness. Emaciation. Epistaxis. Face, pimples on. Hysteria. Jaundice. Menstrual irregularity. Music, intolerance of. Nervousness. Nymphomania. Pruritus vulvæ. Puerperal convulsions. Ranula. Reaction defective. Spleen, pain in. Tympanites.

A good guideline to remember is:

Homoeopathy as the general rule; Allopathy as a last resort.

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