Patient is tired all the time, and suffers from prolapsus, leucorrhœa, rectal distress, anæmia, chlorotic girls and pregnant women.

Weariness of body and mind.

Want of appetite, in connection with Uterine disorders.

The least food distends the stomach, fainting attacks with vertigo.


Obstinate vomiting of pregnancy. Eructations of food in evening with burning in throat. All-gone feeling in morning on rising, > by eating. Nausea is > by coffee; is > by dinner, but returns with gagging at sight or thought of grease.

Premature and profuse menses, with labor-like pains (Bell; Cham; Kali c; Plat). Before menses, cough.

Menses profuse and premature with labour-like pains or amenorrhœa, debility, from loss of fluids, protracted illness.

Retarded and scanty flow (Senecio).

Leucorrhœa, with debility.


Habitual tendency to abortion.

Sensation of weight in uterine region and tendency to prolapse.

Sensation of weight in occiput as if it would draw the head back.

It is most suited for chlorotic girls and pregnant women. Weak, emaciated people.

Power and energy weakened. Cannot concentrate mind.

Rectum loads up with feces-paretic condition.

Stool large, hard, difficult, great pain. constipation; grasps the seat tightly, despairs of having a stool.

During stool terrible pains as if a passage were being forced.

Incontinence, < walking fast or sneezing.

Urine scanty, phosphatic.

Muscular pains during pregnancy.

Aletris is useful in: Abortion. Anæmia. Colic. Constipation. Convulsions. Debility. Dysmenorrhœa. Dysuria. Endometritis. Fever. Hæmorrhoids. Hysteric colic. Indigestion. Leucorrhœa. Menorrhagia. Myalgia. Pregnancy, vomiting of. Sterility. Uterus, pain in; prolapse of.

A good guideline to remember is:

Homoeopathy as the general rule; Allopathy as a last resort.

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