Hysteria, with enormous bloating of the abdomen, dryness of the mouth, etc.
General tendency to syncope from light causes.
Complaints with almost complete insensibility, with great slowness of comprehension.
General inclination to become unconscious during acute attacks.
Bewildered senses, increasing to faintness and unconsciousness.
Feeling of looseness of the brain on moving the head or on walking, < hot weather.
Congestive headache, the pain seeming to be just under the bone.
Neuralgia over l. eye, constrictive, burning, stinging pain, with redness of the face, difficulty in speaking, unconsciousness when the attacks are violent.
Headache from overloading the stomach.
Dyspepsia < any mental effort, stomach and abdomen became excessively bloated from any unpleasanty emotion.
Dyspepsia, distress appearing while the patient is eating, feeling as if the food formed hard lumps, with soreness in stomach.
Diarrhoea like beaten eggs, undigested, profuse, putrid stools, followed by drowsiness and even by faintness, with flatulent distention of the abdomen.
Suppression of menses, with persistent fainting attacks.
Suppression of menses, with mental confusion, cold extremities, drowsiness.
Obstinate uterine haemorrhages, with repeated fainting, dryness of mouth and throat, etc.
Uterine haemorrhages of thick, dark blood.
Vaginal flatulence.
Nutmeg a powerfully poisonous and medicinal substance used as common article of food. Hysteria during pregnancy, with attacks of faintness.
State of exaltation (hysteria).
He seemed to be two persons, and his real, conscious self seemed to be watching his other self playing.
Hearing for distant sounds much more acute than usual.
Hallucination that she had two heads.
Obliged to move her head with her hands, it being too large and heavy for her body.
Unable to use words properly, frequently obliged to stop in middle of a sentence and change it entirely from not being able to use appropriate words.
Exaltation of the senses and sensibilities.
Senses of sight touch and hearing exalted.
Hysteria and mania.
Vanishing of thought.
Staggering, helpless drunkenness. Drowsiness.
Any complaint causing drowsiness or accompanied by drowsiness.
Chilliness and thirstlessness.
Nux m. is < by cold and damp, > by warmth (with one or two exceptions).
Dryness. Sensation of dryness and actual dryness (mouth and tongue usually, but not always, without thirst); tongue so dry it adheres to the roof of the mouth. Excessive dryness of the mouth and tongue in sleep, always wakes with dry mouth and tongue. Awakes with a very dry mouth and tongue. The saliva seems thick, like cotton. Eyes dry; too dry to close the lids. The skin is dry; and Nux m. is suited to people who readily perspire. In general, the skin is cold and dry, never perspires, with general coldness; this dryness often extends to the mucous membrane; with sensitiveness to cold, moist air.
Tendency to fainting.
Drowsiness, sudden loss of memory, and vanishing of ideas.
Easily faint away from sight of blood; from standing (as to have a dress tried on) and those who have faintness or fainting during or associated with evacuations.
Sensation as if drunk.
Limbs as if floating in the air.
As if brain struck against side of head.
Brain as if loose.
Objects appear much too large.
Pain as of a rough body in Eustachian tube. Nervous aphonia.
Aphonia, with apparent constriction of the vocal organs.
General loss of voice from walking against the wind.
Pricking as of electric sparks on cheek.
As if wind incarcerated in stomach.
As if a piece of bacon were in throat.
As if food had formed itself into lumps in stomach.
As if a piece of wood stretched across small of back were pressing from within out.
As if heart would be squeezed off.
As if something grasped heart. As if heart were beating in a vacuum.
As if it were difficult to move tongue.
As if blood were rushing to heart, and then all over body.
As if left shoulder contained lead.
As if a string were tied round arms.
As of a grasping hand in upper arm.
Pains as if bruised, sprained, wrenched; as if bones smashed. Neuralgia of the sacrum and coccyx, especially when driving in a carriage.
Soreness of parts lain on.
Weak digestion.
Excessive flatulence, and when the smallest excess in eating or drinking sets up indigestion.
Menstrual irregularities.
Much bearing-down pain; blood dark.
Uterine prolapse and displacements.
Threatened abortion.
In pregnancy, labour, the puerperal state (convulsions, head jerked forward). Toothache in pregnant women.
Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. Disorders of pregnant women, mental bewilderment, repeated syncope.
During pregnancy extreme flatulent distention of abdomen.
Cough occurring only when warm in bed, or < then.
In constipation with drowsiness (Nux m. , Opium.)
Faintness during or after stool is a great indication.
Protruding piles.
Hæmorrhage of typhus; fetid flatus.
Incontinence of urine.
Dark hæmorrhages.
All kinds of spasms and convulsions are developed in the provings. Catalepsy.
Clairvoyant state: answers questions accurately quite out of her sphere, and on returning to consciousness knows nothing about it.
Jactitation of muscles, chorea, jerks in inner parts in muscles; recovers with a start.
Paralysis; with spasms and trembling; of tongue; eyelids; œsophagus.
Locomotor ataxy excited by cold and wet.
Puffiness, swellings, dropsy of outer parts.
Buzzing sensation with numbness of hands and feet.
The symptoms are <by touch.
Pressure > some symptoms and < others.
Lying on parts = soreness.
Riding in carriage = headache; water-brash; backache.
Rest > headache; <bellyache; backache; rheumatism.
Raising head from pillow = deathly sickness.
Lying down < head.
< On side lain on.
Stitches in spleen = bending double.
Motion <.
Shaking head <.
Walking <; (> palpitation).
Many symptoms appear in the morning.
Drowsy by day.
Dry mouth < evening and night.
Diarrhœa <night.
Heat >; hot summer < (summer complaint of children); hot weather =loose feeling in brain.
Heat of bed < or = cough.
Warmth of room = hands to feel as if frozen.
Warmth > other symptoms.
Open air <.
Walking against wind= hoarseness.
< Damp, wet weather; cold weather; getting wet; before a shower; washing.
A bath = check of menstrual flow.
< After eating and drinking; after cold drink.
Drinking = dry cough; colic.
Drinking beer = strangury.
Brandy =electrifying effect.
Milk = diarrhœa.
Alcohol <.
Eating a little too much =headache. suited to:
Pregnant women.
Persons with cool, dry skin, who do not easily perspire.
Weakness of old age.
Dyspepsia of old people.
Constitutions with stiff, straight hair rather than crisp and curly.
Delicate constitutions.
Hydrogenoid constitution.
Brain affections of infants, in the stupor, insensibility, and unconquerable desire to sleep; idiopathic affections of the brain and those occuring during cholera infantum.
Headache > by hard pressure in a man convalescing from a severe gunshot-wound of the head; rapid, anxious breathing, as if he could not get air enough.
Boils and suppuration (Myristica sebifera)
Hysterical temperament, Ign. (Nux m. has excessive dryness of mouth).
Rheumatism of left deltoid, Mg. c., Ferr. (right deltoid, Sang.).
Prolapsus uteri, Æsc. h., Sep., Plat., Lil., Murex, Nux, Pod., Pul., Sep.
All ailments accompanied by sleepiness, Ant. t., Op.
Loss of memory, Anac., Lac c., Lyc.
Does not recognise well-known streets, Can. i., Lach., Camph. bro.
Dry mouth, Agar., Lach.
Dry throat without thirst, Puls.
Soreness of parts lain on, Bapt., Pyr.
Distress in stomach while eating or immediately after, K. bi.
Epidemic in autumn, white, fetid stools, Colch.
Leucorrhœa in place of menses, Cocculus.
Physometra, Bro., Lyc., Lac c.
Sudden hoarseness from walking against wind, Euphras., Hep.
Cough during pregnancy, Con. (of menstrual period, Lach.).
Effects of getting wet; damp weather; lying in damp places, Nat. s., Rhod., Rhus;
Effects of cold, moist winds, Ars., Calc., Dulc. (cold, dry winds, Aco., Bry.).
Effect of riding in carriage, Coccul.
< Lying on painful side (Puls. < on painless).
Pressure and pushing towards genitals, Nat. m., Bell., Sep., Sul.
Head tends to fall to left (Lac d. to right).
Faintness during or associated with evacuations, Apis, Pul., Spi., Ver. (faintness with scanty stools, Crot. t., Dulc., Ox. ac., Pet., Sars., Sul.)
Drowsiness with headache, Bruc., Gins., Gels. (difficult to keep eyes open).
Sinking immediately after meals, Ars., Cin., Lyc.
Bloody sweat, Nux, Lyc., Calc., Lach., Arn.
Cannot sweat, Staph.
Nipples retracted, Sars.
< Working in water, Calc.
Drink = cough (Caust., drink > cough).
Nausea on raising head from pillow, Bry.
Throat dry without thirst (Merc. mouth moist with thirst).
Fainting, Mosch.
Grasped heart, Cact., Lil. t.
Over-eating, milk, bad beer, alcohol, fright, mental exertion, suppressed eruption, bath (suppressed menses) may cause or < Nux Mos. symptoms.
Nux Mos is useful in : Abortion. Apoplexy. Asthma, hysteric. Brain, softening of; infantile affections of. Catalepsy. Chilblains. Cholerine. Clairaudience. Clairvoyance. Convulsions. Cough. Debility. Deltoid rheumatism. Dysmenia. Dyspepsia.Eructations. Eyes, sight weak. Fainting. Flatulence. Freckles. Frost-bite. Gastralgia. Hæmorrhage. Headache. Head, convulsive movement of. Hiccough. Hoarseness. Hysteria. Intermittent fever. Locomotor ataxy. Lumbago. Marasmus. Menopause. Menorrhagia. Menses, suppressed. Metrorrhagia. Mind, affections of. Pelvis, congestion of. Perspiration, bloody; hysterical. Pregnancy, complaints of. Ptosis. Puerperal convulsions. Renal colic. Rheumatism. Sleep, overpowering. Speech, defective. Stammering. Strangury. Toothache. Turpentine, effects of. Typhoid, hæmorrhage in. Uterus, prolapse of. Worms.

A good guideline to remember is: 

Homoeopathy as the general rule; Allopathy as a last resort.

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