My baby is now just ………days/months old, he/she has got rashes on his/her face, neck ... I am using ……… lotion/soap/cream/oil ………… but there is no improvement instead it is getting severe and is spreading all over the body. I am worried about this. Please suggest ………



Take 100ml of well boiled water (it should be at body temperature or lukewarm) and put few drops (as indicated against each) each of the following in it

(i)   MEDICAGO SATIVA -Q                     10 drops.


(iii)  SABAL SERRULATA-Q                      5 drops.

Mix it well.

Give approximately 5ml of it every 4 hours.


Mix 'Calendula-Q' and 'Sulphur-Q' each 1 drop per liter in the bathing water. 


Mother should use plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables regularly; avoid spicy and fried articles. Light exercise is beneficial.


 This page contains basic information. If you are concerned about your health, you should consult a doctor.

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