Patient age 47 years

Suffering from hypertension, angina pectoris, joint pain and diabetes for 11-12 years. Used allopahic/ayurvedic/unani and domestic medicines.

Headache better on rest, <from noise /motion/ jar .
Scalp feel sore to touch difficult to comb the hair.
Toothache from cold water uses warm water to rinse mouth when brushing the teeth .

Face bloated in the morning on awaking.
Pain in the stomach region it is painful to pressure; acid eructation.
Urine is profuse and frequent mostly at night than during daytime.
Palpitation and oppression of breathing on slight exertion. Pain in chest on deep breathing.
Pain in nape of neck, more felt when lying on back has to change and lie on side in order to sleep. Night sleep is not satisfactory and so feels sleepy during the day time.
Mostly lies on right side or feels more comfortable when lying on right side.
Uses two pillows to sleep.
Uses alcoholic drinks but averse to smoke.
Has several enlarged glands under the skin, increasing in size and number with the time and not responding to tratment.
Family history of asthma/diabetes/arthritis/heart trouble. Father died suffering from kidney failure. Mother died during an asthmatic attack. Two sisters (elder) and one brother (younger) alive, all are suffering from diabetes.


BELLADONNA, BRYONIA ALBA and PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM gave relief several times but SPIGELIA relieved to great extent all the trouble.


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