Diabetes, Symptoms and Treatments

Diabetes, Symptoms and Treatments

Aceticum acidum
Urine increased in quantity; pale; phosphatic; diabetes, with intense, burning, unending and unquenchable thirst and great debility.

Allium sativum
Chronic dyspepsia in old, fleshy persons, whose bowels were deranged by the least irregularity of diet; chronic bronchial catarrh with profuse mucous expectoration; periodical asthma; rheumatism of hip; swelling of breasts after weaning. Diabetes mellitus.

Urine voided with difficulty. Diabetes mellitus. Oily iridescent film on urine.

Ammonium aceticum
It causes profuse flow of urine, said to contain sugar. Bathed in sweat.

The intense thirst and diuresis (diabetes).

Apocynum cannabinum
Diabetes insipidus. A sense of sinking in the pit of the stomach with great debility.

Argentum metallicum
Great hunger even after a full meal. Extreme dryness of mouth, tongue sticks to palate. Polyuria (diabetes), swelling of the ankles. Frequent inclination to make water, with abundant emission (diabetes). Feet oedematous (diabetes).

Aristolochia milhomens
Diabetes. Great thirst and bitter mouth; makes water more frequently than usual.

Arnica montana
Frequent micturition of pale urine. Diabetes.

Arsenicum bromatum
Diabetes mellitus.

Asparagus officinalis
Frequent urination, with fine stinging in the meatus; followed by stitches out of the urethra. After urinating burning in urethra with sensation as if some were still passing. - Increased urine beer-brown, without sediment. Urine strong-smelling; odour peculiar; deposits greasy sediment on sides of vessel; gravel.

Bovista lycoperdon
Frequent inclination to make water. Frequent desire to urinate, even immediately after urination (diabetes mellitus).

Calcarea carbonica
Too frequent emission of urine, even in the night.

Calcarea phosphorica
Diabetes when the lungs are affected. Frequent micturition. Urine passed in large quantities with sensation of weakness. Urine deep-coloured and sometimes hot. After evacuation of faeces and emission of urine, the genital parts feel, as it were, fatigued.

Carbo vegetabilis
Frequent, anxious, and urgent inclination to make water, day and night. Copious urine, of a clear yellow colour, or thickish and whitish (diabetes).

Carbolicum acidum
Quantity increased and passed frequently. Diabetes. Albuminuria. Urine of high specific gravity; urea abundant. While urinating always an involuntary mucous discharge from anus.

Carlsbad aqua
Frequent urging with discharge of copious watery urine. Urine flows slowly in a weak stream, with help of abdominal muscles. Sediment at times brick-red, at times tenacious like frog-spawn; at times thick mucus, and even containing small lumps of blood. Urine stains linen dark yellow.

Chelidonium majus
Frequent desire and urging to micturate. Urine profuse, whitish, foaming; red and turbid; dark. Diabetes.

Chimaphila umbellata
Chyliferous urine, cystitis, strangury, smarting, burning pains on urination, turbid urine and frequent micturition, and diabetes. Sensation in perineum as if sitting on a ball.

Itching with warmth. Itching and heat of face and head. Twitchings prevent sleep at night. Numbness and prickling. Semi-paralysis of bladder. Quantity of urine increased and saccharine. Diabetes.

Colchicum autumnale
Cannot endure strong smells. Gouty diabetes, the uric acid reappearing as the sugar disappears.

Diabetes with milky, gelatinous, or colloid urine.

Conium maculatum
Diabetes, accompanied by great pain. At night, emission of urine, frequent, and sometimes involuntary. Frequent inclination to emit urine, which is clear and aqueous. The urine stops suddenly, and does not begin to flow again for some moments.

Fetidity characterises many of the secretions and discharges. Corns. Clear and frequent urine, with digging, crampy pain in kidneys; shooting in stomach; dry mouth; great thirst, esp. evenings and night; sugar in urine; great emaciation; (acute diabetes). Urine copious, urgent; bladder feels distended.

Eupatorium purpureum
Diabetes insipidus, incontinence of urine and calculous affections.

Ferrum iodatum
A feeling in fossa navicularis as if water remained in it and could not be forced out any farther, in the morning. Frequent and profuse emission of light-coloured urine, having a sweetish smell, and slight milky sediment. Albuminuria with oedema; in hard drinkers.

Ferrum muriaticum
Diabetes mellitus. Pain in the left hypochondrium. Weakness, restlessness, and nervousness. Vascular and nervous irritability after haemorrhages; agg. from eating, and especially from eggs.

Ferrum phosphoricum
Frequent desire to urinate, urgent, with pain in neck of bladder and end of penis; must urinate immediately, which > the pain; agg. during the day; agg. standing. Urine spurts out with every cough. Urine smells like caf au lait.

Fluoricum acidum
After Phos. ac. in diabetes. Free discharge of light-coloured urine, affording relief. Very frequent discharge of light-coloured urine (thirst increased).

Helonias dioica
Tongue white (diabetes). Involuntary discharge of urine after the bladder seemed to be emptied. Urine profuse, clear, light-coloured; albuminous; diabetic.

Hydrangea arborescens
Diabetes, in cases presenting great thirst with abdominal symptoms and in enlarged prostate. According Cooper it is the thirstiest plant known.

Copious and frequent flow of urine. Incontinence in old people with prostatic enlargement. Diabetes.Eats too often and too much; rapid digestion, but losing flesh all the time.

Iris versicolor
Diabetes having (in addition to the glycosuria) right-side supraorbital pains, low spirits, dull mental faculties, anorexia, urine pale and copious, pain in pancreas.
Cutting and pricking in the urethra while urinating, with coldness and itching of genitals. Urine of high specific gravity containing sugar. Urine voided in large quantities. Urine of disagreeable odour.

Kalium aceticum
Griping, diarrhoea, bleeding of haemorrhoids, increased flow of urine, more watery and alkaline. Weakness; trembling; profuse perspiration, especially about the head. Diabetes. Over-secretion of urine and in diarrhoea.

Kalium bromatum
Emaciation; paleness; skin cold and dry; pulse rapid and feeble; tongue red and tender; gums spongy and bleeding; thirst excessive; appetite voracious; bowels constipated; urine pale, frequent, large quantity, of high density, and loaded with sugar; liver tumid and tender (diabetes mellitus).

Kalium nitricum
Diabetes insipidus, and enuresis. Menorrhagia with flow of ink-like blackness. <from eating veal, or effects of eating it - headache, diarrhoea, and c. Severe gastric pain recurs after every meal. Frequent want to urinate, and profuse emission of a clear urine, with a reddish cloud.

Kissingen aqua
Diabetes. Passage of gall-stones. Constipation. Stool was difficult to press out of rectum; obliged to press the nates apart. Muscae volitantes. Hot ears. Ringing and roaring in ears. Itching eruption on abdomen and feet.

Diminished or excessively increased secretion of urine. Drinks much, with frequent desire to micturate, passing but little at a time. Frequent and urgent want to make water, even at night. Relieves thirst in diabetes. Frequent urging with copious pale discharge; at night cannot get out of bed quick enough. Wets bed at night; dreams he is urinating properly. Urine spurts from her during each cough. Can only urinate when lying.

Lac vaccinum
The keynote of Lac can. is alternation of sides; in Lac vac. the symptoms appear both sides simultaneously. Great thirst and excessive flow of urine (diabetes). Frequent discharge of clear urine, nearly colourless, no sediment.

Lac vaccinum defloratum
Diabetes and Bright's disease. Intense thirst; wasting. Frequent and profuse urination of very pale urine. Generally constipated, and when it is most persistent, very chilly; cannot get warm.

Lacticum acidum
Constant nausea; nausea on awaking; before rising; > by eating. This may occur in diabetes; or it may occur in pregnancy. It is also an indication when occurring in rheumatism. There is > by eructations; and agg. by smoking. Smoking agg. eructations. Copious foot-sweat, not offensive. It is suited to anaemic, pale women. Compatible, meat diet in diabetes. Frequent desire to urinate large quantities. Urinates frequently day and night; the attempt to retain it causes pain.

Lycopersicon esculentum
Diabetes (Uran. nit). Must rise at night to urinate. Constant debility when in open air; not all in warm room. Increase of watery constituents of urine, not of total solids. Polyuria with great thirst.

Lycopus virginicus
Symptoms shift about. Pains shift from heart to eyes, from head to heart, from heart to left wrist and right calf, and back to wrist and heart. Drinks large quantities of water; passes nine to eleven quarts of urine a day; fearful thirst, nothing but coldest water would satisfy; very irritable unless spoken to very softly; disinclined to talk, even to her own family (diabetes). Diabetes mellitus, great thirst, and emaciation. Tenderness in bladder. Bladder feels distended when empty; dull pain in left lumbar region. Profuse flow of limpid watery urine, esp. when heart is most irritable.

Magnesium sulphuricum
Diabetes (Nat. s.). Increased secretion of urine. Emission of urine at night, involuntary.

Diabetes. Pain in renal region, profuse urination >. Appetite ravenous, immediately after eating; lost. Thirst enormous; for liquor. Craves salts; sweets; hard, green fruit; ice; sour things; oranges; ale.

Mercurius solubilis
Irresistible, sudden desire to urinate. Frequent and copious emission of urine, as in diabetes, with great emaciation.

Ineffectual efforts. Strangury. Urine : turbid and slimy; diabetic. Albuminuria.

Diabetes with impotence. Excessive thirst. Sensations as if falling from a height. Impotence occasioned by a cold; preceding diabetes.

Murex purpurea
Excessive secretion of urine, and frequent necessity to rise at night to urinate. Nightly polyuria, with the hungry craving. Murex is suited to the melancholic, or sanguine, lymphatic temperament; to climacteric sufferings. There is very great depression of spirits, a sort of deep hypochondriacal state. Frequent want to urinate during day; at night, with emission of colourless urine.

Natrium muriaticum
Frequent and urgent want to urinate, day and night, sometimes every hour, with copious emission.

Natrium phosphoricum
Urine increased, pale; scanty, dark. Diabetes.

Natrium sulphuricum
Diabetes, bilious vomiting, bilious diarrhoea, oedema.

Constipation from inactivity of the intestines. Retention of urine, as from inactivity of the bladder.

Phaseolus nanus
Diabetes. Dropsical effusion into pleura, pericardium, and peritoneum, also yield to it; and all chronic disorders of the urinary tract from kidneys to urethra; pyelitis, vesical catarrh, gravel, calculi, uric acid, quickly disappear, a most important remedy in gout and in diabetes. Diabetes (Syzyg., Thyr., Nat. sul., Uran. nit. ).

This observation has led to its successful use by homoeopaths in cases of diabetes.

Phosphoricum acidum
Polyuria, dry mouth and throat ; a history of sexual excess, or of severe mental or emotional over-strain. Diabetes (Lact. ac. ). Urine like that which passes in diabetes mellitus.

Picricum acidum
Diabetes. Among other affections it has cured diabetes. Urine : turbid, brownish; diabetic; bloody; containing sand.

Plantago major
Diabetes. The very copious discharge of urine along with the thirst suggest diabetes; and the laxity of sphincters has led to the cure of a number of cases of enuresis. Diabetes mellitus and insipidus; chalky stool, urination immediately after drinking, frequent, profuse.

Ratanhia peruviana

Rhus aromatica
Cadaverous, emaciated, haggard. Diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus.

Saccharum officinale
Cases of scurvy-rickets in bottle-fed children have been traced to excess of sugar in their food; and the exclusion of sugar from the dietary of the gouty, rheumatic, and the diabetic, shows the pathogenetic power it is credited with among practitioners of the present day. The cataract and amblyopia of diabetics are well known. Diabetes; swelled ankles, Arg. n. Diabetes mellitus.

Sanicula aqua

Secale cornutum
Diabetes ( Plb).

Silicea terra

Solaninum aceticum
Frequent threatenings of respiratory paralysis with accumulations of mucus , unable to expel.

Sulphuricum acidum
Diabetes; lassitude; debility; despondency.

Syzygium jambolanum
It has an edible fruit, the powdered stones of which have a popular use in India as a remedy for diabetes. It has cured old ulcers of skin.

Taraxacum officinale

Obese. Diabetes mellitus; caused and cured.

Uranium nitricum
Diabetes, mellitus and insipidus. Many cases of diabetes have been relieved or cured by Ur. nit., usually in the lower attenuations.
Diabetes ( Ph. ac., Syzyg., Thyr., Lac def., Lact. ac. ). Diabetes insipidus. Diabetes mellitus. No menstrual flow during diabetic attack; pale, anaemic; craves raw ham and tea.

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